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Avocado – A superfood, indeed!

Avocado is being referred to as the great super food these days. It wasn’t around in North India (or, so I think, anyway) when I was growing up! However, today, it is a different story, available in most places (both in physical stores and online, but not cheap!). It is believed to have several essential nutrients, and is high in Vitamin E (remember, the one that gives your skin an amazing glow), folic acid as well as potassium. Avocado is high in fat, but again, the good fat that keeps your joints all well lubricated. No wonder, it falls in the ‘super food’ category!

Avocado, is of course native to Mexico and hence found in abundance in the Mexican cuisine. What would Burritos, Tacos or even Nachos be without Guacamole? Rather tasteless, I would think! We in India fell in love with this gorgeous, butter-like fruit so much, that farmers listened and started producing this in India too! ‘Makhanphal’ as it is called in India,  is grown in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Sikkim and is easily available in the vegetable markets in these areas. It is a bit more reasonably priced in these states as compared to when you go to buy it in the likes of Delhi and other North Indian cities.

There is an entire website dedicated to Avocado’s benefits and uses, so do have a browse, when you get a chance. Before, we go any further, lets have a look at what a ripe and ‘ready to eat’ avocado should look like:

Choose the right Avocado via
Choose the right Avocado via

Some more words of wisdom on choosing the best avocado, read carefully, avocado enthusiasts:

Another test to pick a nicely ripe Avocado via
Another test to pick a nicely ripe Avocado via

Maybe, I am getting a bit carried away on pointing out different ways for choosing a nicely ripe avocado, but then again,  I am wary of the price of these little beauties and I, of course, want you to spend your money well. So, please do look and choose carefully.

Even after all this, let’s say you bring home a ‘not yet ripe’ avocado. Worry not! Just place it next to an apple or a banana in a brown bag at room temperature and within 2 – 4 days, you should be able to use it.

Now, a fantastic video to help you peel this much loved Avocado, beautifully:

A quick tip about using left-over Avocado is that you need to sprinkle it with lemon juice and store in an air-tight container. This will stop it from oxidising and turning brown! Also, leaving the seed in it will do pretty much the same.

Now, that you have your beautiful avocados, all ready to be eaten, here are some recipes that you, must, must create. Happy cooking:

Avocado dressing served with cauliflower 'wings' well raw, but roasted are great too via
Avocado dressing served with cauliflower ‘wings’ well with raw cauliflower but roasted are great too via
Avocado on toast and pretty tomatoes via
Avocado on toast and pretty tomatoes  via or add some sautéed mushrooms with a dash of tabasco..
Avocado Omelette wrap..just different via
Avocado Omelette wrap..just different via
This post will be incomplete without giving you a nice, Indian recipe using Avocado – a spicy, yummy Avocado paratha, just perfect with some mango pickle. Here is the video, that I learnt this recipe from.  I had some left over guacamole (which is  shown in the first part of this recipe), that I used to make mine. Enjoy!

There are several more recipes that you can create using this fruit. Let’s have a quick read at the online places that you could order your avocado from, unless you prefer to go to the nearest physical outlet to buy it yourself, of course! Here are some, that could come in handy:—Exotic/4721_0_0_0
If you really, really want to own an avocado plant, then contact your local nursery or have a browse here from the comfort of your home at Nurserylive

Fancy a Avocado tree for your home? Look at Greenorchid and be the proud owner of one.

Did you know that you can grow your Avocado tree from the seed that comes out of your avocado? Well, adventurous and tricky but not impossible! Ritikha, in her blog Vegan on the prowl describes the process in great detail, that is if you want to grow these beauties yourself, of course! Hope you have green fingers! If not, then there are always retail outlets (both online and offline) that would leap to your rescue! If you are looking for some more bed-time reading about this fruit, then have a peep at, Avocado India’s website, right here.

Wishing you all a very happy week, packed with super foods, crafts and fitness, lovely people!

Shilpa xx


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