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Your toddler’s world

Time really flies…it seems just like yesterday that you welcomed your baby in this world. Your little one is now almost a gorgeous toddler and it’s time  for you to create her/his own little space.  There is a very special little girl in my life too, and I am delighted to be doing up her room. I want to create a space for her to ponder, to read, to explore, to learn and above all, to have lots of laughs and fun!  It’s the room, where her favourite toys will find a home, favourite books will be tucked away to create a perfect reading corner, bed will be placed such that she gets the most amazing dream and all her favourite things and ‘craft work’ will be there on the wall. It’s her room, her space! I am sure you would understand the feeling if you have a special toddler in your life too. All you wish is for her to grow up into a beautiful and kind young lady and to help her find her place in this world. Creating her bedroom, is just a step in this journey. Dr. Seuss, in his poem, ‘Oh, the Places you’ll go!’ sums this up rather well:

‘You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose
You’re on your own
And you know what you know
And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…

There is no ‘right’ way of doing up her room. Since it is her space, it has to reflect her personality. The suggestions below are merely ‘suggestions’. It’s got to be your thinking, your planning and her needs that would create this beautiful haven. None of the pictures given below would be perfect for you to replicate. You can perhaps choose a wall from one, a bed from the other than put it all together with her ‘craft’ work proudly displayed on the well! Oh yes! and I have selected some pictures of lovely bedroom for little boys too! Browse and choose the parts that your little one can relate to.

Black and white with a hint of colour
Black and white with a hint of colour via without the plant, of course!
Love the idea of the side wall via
Love the idea of the blackboard via and the reading tent!
What a fun bed for your toddler? Get one made right now via
What a fun bed for your toddler? Get one made right now and perhaps throw in a bit more colour  via
A peaceful haven for your child via but I would leave the walls plain!
A peaceful haven for your child via but I would leave the walls plain!
Art work on the wall@ perfect via
Art work proudly displayed on the wall, just perfect via
Maybe with a bit more colour will be perfect via
A low bed, animal silhouettes, but maybe with a bit more colour will be perfect via
Instead of a proper side table and for design of bed and especially the colour via
What a gorgeous colour of the bed and love the lovely nook instead of a side table via
Create happiness, indeed! via
Create happiness, indeed! via

Just one last word of caution: you need to remember though, that your little one will try to reach out to things that appear too high up according to you or seem too heavy for her to move. She is going to try to do all this herself without any fear of getting hurt. So, do remember these little things when you’re designing her space. Somethings may seem very cute and adorable, but may not be as safe.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these ideas for your little one. It’s now time for you to start planning your next project! It’ll be hard work to get it all right,  to find her favourite colours and shapes, but the result would undoubtedly be stunning!

I sign off with this lovely song from Taylor Swift…Never Grow up! The lyrics are so lovely and sum up some of the feelings you would have too.

Here, is to happy parents and happy toddlers!

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: via 


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