Yoga, Pilates or Yogalates?

With everyone trying to jump onto the ‘keep fit’ bandwagon, the desire to ‘stay healthy and look fit’ has never been higher. There is so much to choose from…good old fashioned walking, jogging or perhaps even running! Then of course, there is the much loved Yoga, the relatively new Pilates and the very latest entrant Yogalates!

Yoga comes in various forms but thanks to a certain few, everyone seems to be a ‘guru’ when it comes to breathing exercises! Several forms of Yoga include Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyenger and perhaps even more.  I do suggest that you sign up with a trained yoga instructor before you take it up and make it a part of your daily life.

Pilates on the other hand, is a modern school of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, as a way to improve core strength and spinal alignment. Pilates combines flexibility, core strength and body awareness to support physical rehabilitation. There are several success stories of this form of exercise too and is extremely popular today across the world. Of course, like any Yoga, it also comes to us in different forms. They include Power Pilates, Stott Pilates while some other documents point to their being the Classical form, Contemporary form and the Clinical form of pilates.

Here is a ten minute pilate workout. This one has been used by a friend and recommended. If this doesn’t take your fancy, there are several more to choose from, though I will like to suggest that you do sign up with an instructor for a while before you decide to give it a go yourself!

As per some, the youngest certified Stott Pilates instructor in the world is from India and is none other than a 21-year-old Namrata Purohit.  She survived a terrible riding accident that almost ended her sports career. However, she took to Pilates and made a full recovery and today she spreads the knowledge.

So, before you take your pick, here are some more facts:

Yoga vs Pilates - some facts
Yoga vs Pilates – some facts via

Though, the above fact sheet does not believe that Yoga can lead to weight loss, I believe that ‘Suryanamaskar‘ helps you lose weight and tones you too, if repeated a fair number of times and of course, a check on your food intake is maintained. Also, I found this particular video quite useful for Suryanamaskar instructions:

Of course, there are many more videos with various Yoga instructors, such as Ramdev, Art of Living and several others from multiple Yoga schools across the country.

Now, let’s have a look at the latest entrant called Yogalates. Anyone reading this practising this? As the name suggests, it’s a mix of yoga and pilates and apparently includes the best parts of both. Instructors of this form of exercise are found across the world too. Australian fitness expert Louise Solomon was inspired to create ‘Yogalates’ after she sustained an injury in a Yoga class and used Pilates during her recovery. Her new method won government accreditation in Australia. She is authorized to train others to teach the Yogalates method to the general public.

A little glimpse of yogalates by Anubha is seen here:

In India, there are several people teaching this form of exercise as well. So, none of us miss out on this new exercise form.

Some places doing Yogalates:

Anyone used any other that they could add to this list from across India? I am sure there must be people teaching Yogalates in other cities too…let’s get looking!

So, which one is right for you? Chosen one yet, or want to give it all a try at least once and then pick the one that you will forge ahead with in 2015? I have been practising yoga but am going to give pilates a go soon and will report back on how I get on. One step at a time, folks

Shilpa x


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