Celebrate a colourful Holi with food

Didn’t I tell you all once that Winter always turns to Spring…Always! So, here we are, talking about Holi, the wonderful festival of colours, that is now almost around the corner. As a child, I used to look forward to it since the beginning of the year..It marked the end of final examinations, the end of wearing winter coats and scarves and signalled the beginning of longer, brighter days.

Every home had similar yet ‘different’ food items being prepared for Holi. In our home, the signature dishes were bite-size, home-made ‘samosas’ and ‘gujiyas’. Also, several other snacks such as ‘namak para’ and ‘aaloo papad’ were often made.  I surely must have been super excited about eating large amounts of  ‘gujiyas’ and  ‘samosas’, but somehow the madness for playing with colours and the preparatory activities including coating my face and arms with coconut oil (to ensure that the colours come off easily when washed!), buying the most ‘wild’ looking colours and finalising the day’s programme with friends seem to be my fondest memories of this lovely festival.  My sister on the other hand took shelter in the family bathroom on the day of Holi, to avoid any family or friends covering her in any form of colour! For her, it was all sheer madness. Today, my priorities are slightly different. Well, it’s called growing older, I suppose!

Holi is incomplete without Namak Parey for me…via
Can’t miss this eternal favourite for Holi – home-made Samosa via

Playing with colours has started taking a back seat and food has sort of taken over. This post is about various kinds of food preparations that precede this wonderful festival to welcome spring into our lives. So, get your aprons on, ensure all the ingredients are in the kitchen and get cooking…It’s Holi, after all…

It's Holi ; of course, it's time for Thandai... via
It’s Holi; of course, it’s time for Thandaivia
Holi time translates to Gujiya time ... anslight variation on the traditional recipe ... via
Holi time translates to Gujiya time … a slight variation on the traditional recipe..try it … via
Malpua anyone? via
Malpua anyone? via
Rabri or Basundi ? A must on Holi via
Rabri or Basundi ? A must on Holi via
Holi, without Kanji? via
Holi, without Kanji? Never, especially if you happen to be in North India… via
Aaloo papad - An absolute 'must have' for Holi ... via
Aaloo papad – An absolute ‘must have’ for Holi … via
Mathri...essential for all celebrations, including for Holi too... via
Mathri…essential for all celebrations, including for Holi too… via

Which ones of these delicacies are your favourites? It’s got to be home cooked ‘samosa’ for me along with ‘gujiya’ filled with ‘khoya’. Across the world, Holi or perhaps its variations is celebrated by anyone who loves a ‘big colour fight‘. These pictures do tell a tale of the love for colours.

A 'giant colour fight' being hosted across the world via
A ‘giant colour fight’ being hosted across the world via
Holi in Cambridge via
Holi in Cambridge, with so many students joining in… via

And can a write-up on Holi be complete without this lovely song from the film, ‘Silsila’. Enjoy it, it’s timeless…


Have a colourful, food-filled and a love-filled Holi!

Shilpa xx


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