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‘Strong upper body’ challenge – Week 2

How is it going? I am talking about the ‘plank’ routine, the ‘surya namaskar’ or any other exercise routine that you have taken up? Have you been doing it all? Following a healthy diet? Can you see the changes happening to your lifestyle it? Lastly, are you snacking less? Right, that’s the end of the questions. The weighing machine and your clothes really, should be doing all the talking. Don’t worry, have patience and you will see the results and never, ever compare yourself with your mates! Remember, everyone’s metabolism and body structure is different and each body will change differently and at a different time! So, keep going…

I was talking to a friend, who has been a regular with the yoga routines, and she mentioned that she has recently added upper body strength exercises to her routine. She recently suffered from an ailment and these exercises were introduced as part of a muscle building program for her upper body. As we all know that as we get older, our upper body strength decreases; in fact as we add years on to our life, the upper body strength does decrease! Mostly, we choose to do nothing about it…Sometimes, even holding a baby feels like a horrible sort of weight lifting exercise and on the rare occasion even leads to trembling arms! So, to avoid these nasty ‘things’ from happening, she has been pushing (read nagging) me to include these in my daily routine. I know we are all short on time, but then, would you want these ‘not nice’ ‘bingo wings‘ and a weakly upper body? Certainly not! So, to avoid all that, I am going to try to add these to my weekly routine, maybe aim to include these 2 – 3 times a week. I am told that would be sufficient! So, here, I am sharing these with you:

Say 'bye bye' to Bingo Arms via
Say ‘bye bye’ to Bingo Wings via

You going to incorporate these too? How about just adding this one to your routine? After all, it is a ‘movement’ to push those ‘bingo wings’ out of this world!

Happy planking and say ‘Hello’ to a strong, sturdy upper body!

Shilpa xx


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