Andhra Pradesh is known the world over for several things, including state-of-the-art technology, spices, the use of tamarind and of course, rice!  In fact, it is often called the ‘Rice bowl of India‘. People from Andhra love to cook with a wide array of spices and it surely has to be the spiciest food that I have ever tasted! Yet, the flavours of coconut, tamarind and other spices that are added along with the chillies, seem to shout out the loudest, thus resulting in a yummy delicious meal.

As we all know, the Nizams of Hyderabad greatly influenced the world-famous, Hyderabadi cuisine which today, forms a major part of the Andhra food. Hyderabadi cuisine is rather ‘rich’, hence the ‘nawabi touch’ and is marked by the method of slow cooking. I will be talking about this part of the cuisine in another post. For today, we will ponder and salivate over the absolutely delicious rice preparations from this wonderful region.  There is the much-loved nutty lemon rice, the spicy, tangy tamarind rice, the beautifully subtle coconut rice, chilli rice and many more. Then, of course there are the most delicious sweet-savoury rice based munchies, rice-lentil medley and of course the lovely rice bases desserts. There is so much to talk about but for now, let’s focus on a select few. Ready? Here we go…

Lemon Rice…an Andhra Staple via
Chintapandu Pulihora – Andhra Style Tamarind Rice via
Rava Pulihora aka Tamarind Rice ... via
Rava Pulihora – the deliciousness of Tamarind Rice though made with Rice Rava  … via
Steamed Rice balls... via
Steamed Rice balls… via
Ava Pettina Daddojanam or Curd rice with the very spicy Andhra pickle…via
Poha Dosa or Atukula Dosa is an Andhra Speciality via
Rice Crispy Munchy Snacks ... via
Rice cripsy munchies…via
chekkalu-rice crackers
Chekkalu – crispy rice crackers from Andhra – perfect with tea via
Chakinalu - The delicious rice flour snack...via
Sakinalu – The delicious rice flour snack...via
Andhra version of 'Bisi Belel Bhaath' - absolutely delicious...via
Andhra version of ‘Bisi Belel Bhaath’ – absolutely delicious…via
Sarva Pindi - The most delicious 'roti' made out of rice flour...via
Sarva Pindi – The most delicious ‘roti’ made out of rice flour…via
Thenga Sadam aka Coconut Rice..rather nice...via
Thenga Sadam aka Coconut Rice..rather nice…via
Utanki - Sweet and Crispy rice roll...via
Utanki – Sweet and Crispy rice roll...via
Bellam Paramannam aka Andhra Syle Jaggery Rice Pudding via

Also, I read in one of the newspapers that Andhra Pradesh will soon be producing certain varieties of rice that are low in carbohydrates! A variety that will be more nutritious than the current varieties but I am told that the process for this hasn’t begun as yet! The good ‘ole variety of rice will always be there to feed our hungry tummies…until such time, the new versions come along…

So, which rice dish is it going to be tonight?

Shilpa xx


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