Painting walls with inspiration from India

Wall murals and frescoes have been associated with Indian art forms for centuries. Folk art forms like Bhil, Gond, Warli and Mithila were initially painted on mud walls by rural women while humming folk tunes on festive occasions! While this trend continues in rural India, we are fortunate to have some craftsmen and women help us adorn our walls with beautiful art in our homes.

While some paintings were done on mud walls, there were the others that were traditionally done on fabric, like the Phad from Rajasthan and Mata ni Pachedi from Gujarat! The preparation of the fabric was an elaborate process in itself as they were done for special occasions or for offering prayers to their deities.

The famous Kerala murals and Terracotta murals (also from Kerala) have adorned the walls of many homes, but do you know what the original purpose was? The Kerala murals were originally drawn on the walls of temples and churches depicting mythology and legends. This art form is now being revived by artists and designers, who are finding new uses for them such as lights and lamps, painted furniture and many more accessories for the home.

If there is a wall in your home or the outdoors that you’d like to make the focal point, that reflects your inner spirit that is ‘India-inspired’, go ahead and paint your wall! While decals are great, there is nothing quite like an original! One such company you could approach is Craft Canvas! I particularly love the mural ‘The Shining Trees’ which is a mix of gond art and ‘Lippan’ work.

Here are some of my favourites – some may seem a bit ‘over the top’ but they do blend beautifully in with the decor!

Madhubani decal for your wall...simple furniture around it, is all you will need...via
Madhubani mural for your wall…simple furniture around it, is all you will need...via
Subtle wall mural done in the Madhubani style via
Mithila art...creating a masterpiece, all the way to the ceiling...via
Mithila art…creating a masterpiece, all the way to the ceiling…via
Wall mural at Calcutta Club, Cambridge in the traditional Warli style from Maharashtra via
Warli art in pink...dream in pink, if you can...via
Warli art in pink…dream in pink, if you can...via
Shades of green with pink and orange birds painted in the Gond style to create a refreshing corner via
An eclectic room with a complete wall painted in Indian folk art …via
Tapestry or wall painting to create a focal point via
Beautiful peacocks painted on walls at Mihirgarh, India via
hand painted walls at Mihirgarh via
hand painted walls at Mihirgarh via
Not painted but had to share this beautiful terracotta cladding on walls via 
Wall painted in technicolour via


If you want to learn more about different art forms, then do give this article a read. Include art in your lives, in your homes…it feels lovely being around art.


Shilpa xx

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