The ‘Quit Sugar’ Movement

Every year there is a new diet fad! A few years back, there was this fight against ‘wheat’ and it ended up being a nasty food to consume! This year (or maybe, I have just caught on to it now!) there seems to be an anti-sugar campaign! I must say, that I am a tad fascinated by it! Someone asked me to google ‘sugar is’ and I did…The suggestions were ‘Sugar is poison, sugar is sweeter, sugar is bad and finally, sugar is a drug’! Sugar isn’t just granulated, white sugar! It comes in a lot of forms and shapes…Now, now, is sugar never useful for the body? Google failed to suggest the good aspects of sugar…Tch! tch! google! Never mind, we will leave that discussion for another time.

We do believe in a holistic lifestyle and that to us means that everything is good in moderation. Like every debate, there are people for ‘strictly quitting all forms of sugar’ and others who believe that refined sugar is the one, that should have no place in your diet. I present to you information about both..the decision as always will be yours and I will make mine too. Read on…

Deliciously Ella, a new cookbook was launched in the UK this year and soon had everyone talking about it…It is about a gorgeous lady, Ella, who struggled with a rare kind of a illness and changing her diet around drastically (removed any processed sugar and added vegetables, nuts and fruits) has had a magical effect on her.  Apparently, she is off her medication now! So, that sort of tells you that your body can heal itself, if you don’t abuse it and treat it with care (which in this context refers to not putting lots of processed sugar into it!). Her recipes for salads, shakes and meals are delicious anyway…I have it on my shelf and I do recommend you get a copy or have a read of her blog for some delicious meal or snack time options.

Deliciously Ella
Deliciously Ella – the book is available at via

Going ‘sugar free’ to me means, following a diet free of refined sugar. To some others, like Davina McCall, a fitness guru in the UK, it implies staying away from all things processed like white rice, white pasta and of course, refined sugar.

Davina’s Book – 5 weeks to Sugar Free via

Ella suggests including a lot of fruits (both dried and fresh) in your diet. However, Davina isn’t a great fan of dried fruit! There are bound to be contradictions in any diet fad you follow…So, you have to know what your body agrees with, foods that make you feel and look happy. Articles published in the past have been pointing to sugar as a bigger enemy that even ‘fat. Well, coming from qualified medics, it does carry certain gravitas! Here are some interesting recipes that you may like to try and join the ‘quit sugar’ movement…

Banana Strawberry and Peach smoothie via
Banana Strawberry and Peach smoothie via
Looks delicious, tastes divine via
Looks delicious, tastes divine and it is vegan too via
Davina McCall’s digestives – just what you need with a hot cup of tea via
Delicious Bean and potato salad via
Delicious Bean and potato salad via
Feta Watermelon and Avocado salad - yumminess via
Feta Watermelon and Avocado salad – yumminess via
Quinoa Crust Pizza via
Quinoa Crust Pizza – Gluten and dairy free  via
Vegan and gluten free delicious Pasta via
Vegan and gluten free delicious Pasta via
Spaghetti in ragu sauce via
Ragu sauce with spaghetti and green salad via
Raw Bannoffe Pie via
Raw Bannoffe Pie – gluten and dairy free via
Caramel chocolate slices via
Caramel chocolate slices via
Creamy summer ice lollies - chocolate, strawberry and banana cinnamon via
Creamy summer ice lollies – chocolate, strawberry and banana cinnamon via


Of course, our body needs sugar. It would be silly not to consume that in any form but watch out for the refined kinds (studies have shown that it is not too great for you). Again, if once in a while, you have a dessert, it wouldn’t and shouldn’t affect you! You probably won’t want that sweet thing after a few mouthfuls anyway!

I personally would be unable to follow a diet with strict rules! I do though believe that refined sugar does no great favours to our body and only adds onto the calorie intake! So, for that reason, I will cut down my intake of refined sugar. Of course, I will continue to snack on fruits but in moderation. Quitting refined sugar and processed foods is known to heal the body…I don’t see the harm in trying this philosophy but I would still have the very occasional white rice, pasta

Natural substitutes to replace refined sugar via
Natural substitutes to replace refined sugar via

Have you tried quitting refined sugar yet? Well, I have…though I wasn’t eating the delicious meals suggested by Ella and Davina! It was hard, no doubt but “Fat lasts longer than flavour”- so, say no to sugar next time you see any sweet, sugary yumminess! I hasten to add, take baby steps, so you don’t fall off the bandwagon! Good luck to us all!

Shilpa xx

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