Turmeric – It’s magical!

You can’t really cook an Indian curry without this key spice; it adds to the beautiful yellow colour of the curry dish on the outside and on the inside, it is known to serve as an antiseptic and a healer …it does this day after day, meal after meal…and of course, the Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners in India have known this since time immemorial; if you have grown up in India, you would be very familiar with a warm cup of ‘haldi milk’, every time you had a fall…remember? It’s supposed to work has a magical healer, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory spice and if all this wasn’t enough, it serves as a warm, relaxing drink on a cold winters’ day too.

Now, the question is how to incorporate this wonderful spice into our daily diets? Again, for those of us who grew up on Indian food, this spice isn’t a stranger at all; infact is a familiar name in all Indian kitchens; being added to all kinds of lentils, curries and rice dishes. However, it was only when I travelled across the seas, did I discover that people were consuming it in the form of tablets and syrups! I am a big believer of taking food in its most non-processed form, so that,  if it is not required by the body, it can be excreted naturally (unless it’s the naughty ‘fat’ we are talking about!). So, here I am telling you why you should be using more turmeric regularly and of course, the easiest way to is to add it to your food or make a warm drink out of it! So, here goes the ‘gyan’ for today:

Rub it on your face: Since it is a widely known antiseptic, it cleanses and gets rids of impurities, helping you to have a clear and a spot-free face. The best variety is always the freshly ground one but I personally think life is too short for grinding your own! The alternative is to buy small quantities, ensuring the expiry date of the packaging is as far away as possible…problem solved! Make a paste with lemon or milk (based on your skin type) and apply on your face…leave and wash off with tepid water….and you would have made your first step towards to a glowing, clear face.

Make a drink to boost your immune system :Mix some freshly ground turmeric with honey and gulp it down! You can add apple cider vinegar, which is known to reduce the acid in your stomach too…even without the vinegar, you will be still protecting yourself from colds and a lot of other nasty bugs. So, go for it!

Make another  drink – this time, a turmeric-coconut drink to help your liver detoxify and help with the arthritis too: A friend swears by this and says it just makes her feel more energised everyday and apparently has helped her get rid of her arthritis-related pain too! Now, that can’t be a bad thing. Also, this particular drink is made using coconut milk, which apparently aids the absorption of turmeric into your system…So, enjoy the taste and get the benefits.

If none of the above suggestions rock your boat, then simply get some good quality turmeric and add it to your meal while cooking or alternatively, just add to a salad dressing and still get all the benefits of this almost ‘holy’ spice.

Turmeric - gram flour paste works? It has been for centuries ... via
Turmeric – gram flour paste works? It has been for centuries … via
Turmeric with honey - makes it drinkable with all its goodness intact via
Turmeric with honey – makes it drinkable with all its goodness intact via
Works wonders for your liver via
Turmeric – Coconut drink works wonders for your liver and arthiritis pain via
A turmeric dressing added to your meal? Try it - Vegan and delicious via
A turmeric dressing added to your meal? Try it – Vegan and delicious via

If you are here, you are perhaps already using turmeric in your diet or are looking at new ways to make its consumption more interesting. I hope, you find these suggestions at least a wee bit useful . I personally had never used the bright yellow spice in a salad dressing, and I must admit, that discovering this dressing recipe was a good moment; it somehow works! Goodness and the taste, all together…what’s not to like? So, here is wishing you more ‘turmeric packed’ days, resulting in happiness and good health…

Stay healthy, stay happy!

Shilpa xx

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