“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Let’s be grateful for the natural fabrics, for without them, summers would be rather unbearable! Both, linen and cotton are luxurious, and found in abundance; Linen comes from the flax plant and Cotton, funnily enough, simply from the cotton plant.  You will find cotton in a range of colours but apparently, it is very hard to dye linen, so traditionally, mostly people wore it simply in its natural colour, which was white, that was also unbleached and free from all sorts of chemicals. The Egyptians fell in love with linen thousands of years ago; infact, they even named it the “woven moonlight”. Today, we continue to share and spread this love for linen and cotton through our favourite artisans, designers and retailers.

How about enjoying these breathable fabrics for a few more days, before the chill starts to set in? I must admit that I do enjoy the cold weather but at the same time, am not terribly fond of multiple layers of clothing! There is nothing nicer than the feel of comfortable, breezy linen wear; so here I am, celebrating some stunning collections by these very talented artisans and designers. Read about them right here and don’t forget to treat yourself or a loved one to one of these….of course, you will be indirectly helping someone with this little shopping act of yours too! You are notjustashopper, you are so much more…Read about some of these talented designers who work with cotton and linen to bring to you some of their beautiful creations.

Indigene is run by designers, Jaya and Ruchi. This is a craft and clothing company that enables relations amongst artisans, craftsmen and conscientious consumers. They are bringing to the fore living traditions of costume and embellishments by collaborating with some of the finest artisans in several geographies to create unique and stylish handmade couture.

Then there is the beautiful collection by Upasana, based out of  Auroville. They work to make a positive impact on the life of the farmers, weavers and dyers by working with textiles with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

Kaveri’s clothing from Chennai is another example of talented people working with natural fabrics, making a significant difference to the life of artisans to create terrific, stylish wear, which is a blend of modern and traditional.

Roha by Vibhuti Behl is a place to satisfy all your ‘hand spun, hand-woven organic clothes’ needs. All fabric is sourced from farmers who use sustainable methods of production, so happy souls all round…

There are several more designers and artisans who create magic with natural fabrics. We would love to bring more such talented people to you, but another time in another post… In the mean time, remember to enjoy the weather, with these elegant, stylish pieces of clothing and feel your soul smile… Ready for a visual treat? Here we go:

wear soft natural fabrics ... hum a tune and make your soul come alive via
Wear soft natural fabrics … hum a tune and make your soul come alive via
The blue, the beige, the 'ajrak' scarf with hand made tassels via
The blue, the beige, the ‘ajrak’ scarf with hand made tassels via
Linen magic from Kaveri's collection ... want one for yourself? click here
Linen magic from Kaveri’s collection … want one for yourself? click here
Elegance, ageless style ... natural fabrics are beautiful via
What you wear is a reflection of your soul; Upasana’s collection, based out of Auroville via
Had spun, natural fabric with gorgeousness written all over by Roha via
Had spun, natural fabric with gorgeousness written all over by Roha via

If you loved what you just saw, then click away at the links below to see their complete collection:

So, get draping some linen and cotton and twirl away in sheer joy! it’s summer, but is soon coming to an end and we will be getting ready for welcoming the colder months. So, for now, be grateful for the fabrics that made summer tolerable, the styles that made you look stylish…

Much love and joy to all!

Shilpa xx


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