Face Yoga; Goodbye ‘lines and creases’

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Have you ever spared a thought for those thirty-three muscles present on your face that are typically ignored? And what happens when they are ignored? Well, they sag, creating lines and creases and result in ‘not a very happy looking you’. As if this was not enough to worry us, I must mention a fact that you already perhaps know. Stress works together with these muscles, helping gravity do its job, rather well! So, watch out, folks for too much of festivities, work, laziness, in fact anything that could lead to stress.

While I am on the topic of stress, I must mention the on-going festive season.  How do stress and festivities go together? Well, getting the perfect party organized, to what needs to be cooked, or even looking perfect for the many parties and if you are a serious cards player…well, it may seem like fun, but stress does creep in!! Too much work to be done and lot of expectations to be met; by the way, how are the stress levels looking for you? Where does stress show the most for you? Well, each one of us is made different, but generally, for most of us, stress just ‘sits’ on the face!  Whether it’s caused by elaborate preparations for festivities or an up-coming wedding, or whether it’s a result of a long haul flights or just simply because of lack of sleep, stress always successfully finds a home in your body somewhere; sometimes as an illness but even before that on your face! Your face says it all….

So, this post is about addressing the beautiful face…the exercise, the ‘mudras‘ needed to drive away the stress lines, the creases and help you to re-energise the face again!! There are many people teaching Yoga ‘mudras’ to keep the face looking young and stress-free, but for me, the one to learn this from is none other than the beautiful Ranjana Khan, who herself has practiced it for almost two decades. Learn from the best, they say…so, we have right here, a video elaborating the exercises you should be doing to keep away the nasty lines and creases from the face and bring to the world, the calmness, the serenity and the elegance…the timeless ‘you‘.

So, what do you think? Doesn’t she make these look so easy? I, myself am a very recent convert to this and only time will tell if these have worked for me! However, for now, it all seems to make sense and the nicest part is that these  ‘mudras’ can be practised anytime of the day, just about anywhere…so, no excuses, people!

Here is to a strong, ageless, stress-free, timeless face!

Shilpa xx


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  • We hold allot of our emotions in the face, I see this in allot of my clients. As you learn to dissolve the negative and embrace the positive the muscles in your face and the tension you hold in them will dissolve. This creates a more feel good look good combination. Look at the faces of people that meditate allot and you will see a smooth and relaxed face muscles. Looking good is just a positive side effect of feeling fantastic.