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It’s friday again and it’s time to talk to you all about being healthy, living a holistic lifestyle and of course, being happy! Eating well, exercising moderately certainly helps but I think a little ‘me time‘ helps immensely too; a little foot massage or perhaps just a quick facial and while we are talking about these ‘me time’ treats, let’s spend a couple of sentences talking about the importance of using good quality ingredients for these ‘me treats’. ‘You are what you eat’, some say, right? ‘Eat’ in this phrase should really stretch to ‘Eating either via your skin or via the chewing action‘ ūüôā So the mantra is ‘No nasties’ for that oh!, so special ‘me time’!

Yes, your ‘kajal’, your lip balm, your hand creams, basically, anything! It may not all permeate right through into your body, but will surely come into contact with your hands and through your mouth, will go into your body. The intention isn’t¬†to scare you, but simply to¬†ensure that you are aware of the fact that what goes on your body¬†could well go into your¬†body¬†too…so, whether it’s ‘me time’ treats or simply your daily makeup, be aware of the ingredient list. It’s not hard, it’s just getting into the practice of doing so.

Should we now have a little peep at some¬†essentials that sit in your ‘makeup kit‘. ¬†I am not a ‘makeup’ person at all, but I never really go out of the house without a splash of¬†toner, a generous application of my moisturiser, a¬†lip balm and of course, my ‘kajal’; and always, have a hand cream kicking about in my bag too. So, shall we have a quick look at some companies, that are bringing ‘earthy’, natural products to us…for our skin, our face and the soul? Here we go:

Soultree –¬†This brings to you a range of ‘certified natural‘ products; what it means to you and me is that no nasties in anything! All natural, just like it is meant to be. Whether it’s a ‘kajal’, an anti-wrinkle cream, body oil or a face wash you are after,¬†they are¬†all created¬†with utmost care, with just a single vision of being¬†kind to your body. The¬†‘kajals’ come in an array of colours, the turmeric anti-wrinkle cream looks quite appealing too and to top it all, they are extremely kind to the farmers they source from. Way to go, Soultree!

Neev РA social enterprise that not only makes chemical free beauty products but provides a platform for primary education for the less fortunate. Have a peep at their facebook page or their website, to get an introduction to the long list of natural products. They are stocked across retail outlets in India and of course, they can be seen exhibiting in the likes of Dastkar and Kala Ghoda festival. Visit these fairs, if you can to have a look at their products and perhaps even, get to meet the couple, who started this all.

BohoMe РIf you want naturally created soap bars, bath salts, scrubs and  shampoos, then Nidhi at BohoMe is the person to speak to.  With her healing hands and immense knowledge of natural products from around the world, she puts her creations together, and often, they are especially crafted for the end customer, keeping their needs, requirements and personality traits in mind. Have a peep, have a chat and see if she can put together something magical for you.

Mitte Se – A company, the name of which translates to ‘From the Earth‘ is another place where you can buy, natural beauty and cleaning products, all non-toxic and packed with goodness. The team that puts together these products has vast experience and knowledge not only in the ‘beauty side’ of things but are also very aware of the health benefits¬†associated with using natural, ‘earthy’ products.

Soultree's use of organic ghee in making their 'Kohl' is going back to basics via
Soultree’s use of organic ghee in making their ‘Kohl’ is a comforting piece of information¬†via
Women making a living, creating 'non toxic' soaps; good for you and the environment too via
Women creating ‘non toxic’ soaps; good for you and the environment too via
Jojoba and Olive Oil and Oatmeal Soap with goodness of Nutmeg, Star Anise, Clove, Cinnamon and Honey...yummilicious...via
Jojoba, Olive Oil and Oatmeal Soap with goodness of Nutmeg, Star Anise, Clove, Cinnamon and Honey…yummilicious…via
Natural, Earthy products for you and your home from Mitte Se via
Natural, Earthy products for you and your home  via
Masoor Manjishtha Face Pack - made with powdered masoor medicated with manjishtha decoction to remove pigmentation and discolouration via
Masoor Manjishtha Face Pack for pigmentation and discolouration issues via
Experience 'Sightless Magic' by Mettaa Foot Spa n Mumbai via
Experience ‘Sightless Magic’ by Mettaa Foot Spa in Mumbai via

And before I say good-bye for the weekend, let me introduce you to an amazing woman,¬†Joanita, who founded, Mettaa Foot Spa, the ‘best foot-spa ever‘, where you can experience ‘Sightless Magic‘. This lovely lady, not only offers a place for people like you and me to rest our tired feet but helps the visually-impaired to live a respectable life. We need more of your tribe, Joanita!

I first heard about Metta foot Spa, from a friend. Situated in the Bandra suburb of Mumbai, this is a social enterprise that doesn’t offer¬†sympathy¬†but gives an opportunity of a life-time to differently-abled people. The customers at the spa are always full of praises for the ‘best¬†ever’ foot massage¬†and reflexology treatments they receive. So, happy staff and happy customers, a ‘win-win’ for all.¬†A healing, relaxation centre, without an ego that also uses simple, natural ingredients. Sounds perfect to me, and to you?

Treat yourself to some ‘me time‘, whilst chanting the ‘natural, non-toxic‘ mantra!

Shilpa xx


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