Diwali festivities, one mithai at a time!

Diwali to me means family, fun times and plenty of food.  Five days of sheer celebrations and happiness; to be honest, the preparation and the waiting months leading to Diwali are packed full of adventure and activities too; the shopping rituals, the house re-decorating, the massive home cleaning projects undertaken and the food preparations, especially the ‘mithais’. It’s sort of like been given a license to over-indulge in sweets, samosas, ‘parathas’ and everything else that comes with a ‘moral sermon’, at other times of the year.

Sweets are important for the soul, essential for a home and play a very crucial role in festivities across the world. This post is dedicated to sweets, as it is almost unthinkable and a punishable crime to visit anyone without a box of sweets, especially in the festive season. So, to help you avoid getting into such situations, I present to you some extremely easy to make ‘mithai’, without compromising on the taste of course! So, here we go:

Delicious, fragrant, 'doodh peda' ; aka milk fudge vai
Diwali would be incomplete without these delicious, fragrant, ‘doodh peda’ ; via
Motichoor but in an even more gorgeous 'avataar' via
Who doesn’t love a good Motichoor? Here, a Motichoor, but in a more gorgeous ‘avataar’ via
Shahi Tukda - the magical sweet via
Bowlfuls of this deliciousness on this Diwali, is a ‘must have’ –  the ‘royal’ Shahi Tukda  via
Phirni - sweet and 'light' for anytime during the Diwali festivities via
Phirni – sweet and ‘light’; just perfect in a ‘kulhadh’ anytime during the Diwali festivities via
Kalakand - this 'melt in the mouth' sweetness, that you can't do without via
Kalakand – this is that wonderful ‘melt in the mouth’ sweetness, that you can’t do without via
Deliciousness in a 'nan khatai' - bringing back childhood memories via
Deliciousness in a ‘nan khatai’ – bringing back childhood memories, one bite at a time via

So, are you heading straight to your kitchen to get cooking or taking the easier alternative and walking to your local ‘mithaiwala‘. For me, it’s always a mix of both; some shop bought, some home-made, just like it was when I was growing up…memories, memories, memories…that’s what life is made of; we create memories every single day.

Go ahead and create some sweet memories this Diwali with your family!

Munch away and share the love, people!

Shilpa xx


Cover Image: via1, via2 , via3, via4





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