The Powerful NeckPiece

Over-the-top accessorising has been bothering me for a while (sore eyes and all that!). So, here I am, ready to get it all out of my system!

  • How many times do you convince yourself that you ‘must’ wear long, massive earrings and a huge neckpiece together (part of a set)? The obsession with ‘it must match’…
  • How often does the inner voice in you urges you to go over the top whilst colour co-ordinating? Red blouse, Red shoes, Red bag and the list goes on…
  • Finally, how many times, do you feel like an over-the-top Christmas tree?

Did you just hear yourself answer in the affirmative to any of the above?  Well, then we suggest, you keep reading. We totally empathise, as the above scenarios can happen to the best of us. So, to help you (and us), we got in touch with two lovely ladies, who have mastered the ‘art of accessorising right‘ and whose styles we admire immensely. So,  here we are, sharing their secrets and tips  with you all.  Read on:

2016-06-05 18.29.00
A plain saree, no jewellery other than the stunning neckpiece…Brilliantly worn, Noopur
2016-06-06 20.03.59
This elegant black dress worn by Noopur is brought to life by the stunningly gorgeous neckpiece 
2016-06-01 17.43.42
Look at the contrasts (and the neckpiece) used by Noopur; making a statement elegantly !

Now, introducing Nidhi Singh Samyal, whose style we absolutely love and who has,  very kindly obliged to share her ‘styling gyan’ with us. Here we go:

nidhi stylist3
Beautiful, casual yet formal elegance achieved by Nidhi; the  necklace enhances the saree
nidhi stylist4
Nidhi at work wearing a sarong very stylishly, and the silver neckpiece makes the outfit sing
nidhi stylist2
Nidhi getting ready to mingle; let the blouse do the talking, while the subtle neckpiece adds to the charm

Nidhi’s top tips:

  • Contrast bright blouses with plain sarees
  • Casual Cottons look pretty, just don’t go overboard with the accessories!
  • Neckpieces, can be the focal point without being too bold (if that’s what you fancy!); however, try not to add other large jewellery to deviate from it
  • If you like matching the neckpiece with the attire, then do a subtle match (a few beads of the same colour, nothing more!)
  • Less is always more!

Noopur’s top tips:

  • Wear solid colours,  if you want to wear a statement piece
  • If your saree (or dress) is bright and colourful, then please do not accessorise it with bright colourful jewellery; let your clothes do the talking
  • Do not wear too much make up with bright clothes , particularly in day time
  • Follow Coco Channel’s advice : look in mirror one last time before you leave the house and remove one piece of jewellery
  •  Mix colours;  a pink saree , a pink blouse , pink accessories, pink footwear is rather predictable! Contrasts  and unexpectated combinations are always more interesting
  • Remember less is more !

So, feeling all enlightened yet? I suppose, the key point made by both these ladies is that less is certainly always enough! The power of the neckpiece is well proven to me; hope it is to you too. Thank you Noopur and Nidhi!

Here is to stylish, elegant, well-accessorised people!

Shilpa xx

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