It’s Rakhi time – what’s cooking?

When you grow up in a ‘Chaturvedi‘ family in North India, the meal at  ‘Raksha Bandan‘ is a treat to look forward to: a special kind of kadhi, sewayian kheer, ghewar, puri, some vegetable curries aka sabjis and a platter of ‘mithai’.  This morning I sat with my mother, discussing why we eat particular foods on specific festivals and I learnt that it is guided by the ancient Ayurvedic rules, which were based on the prevalent weather conditions in the country, then when did we start feasting on rich, heavy foods on a semi-regular basis?

Pakodis the 'Chaturvedi' way...
Pakodis the ‘Chaturvedi’ way…
The perfect 'Kadhi', without onion and garlic, a perfect Saatwik meal
§ The perfect ‘Kadhi’, without onion and garlic, a perfect Saatwik meal
The perfect meal with wonderfully puffed special meal is complete without these beauties
No special meal is complete without these  puffed up beauties…and puffing these is an art
Rakhi at home isn’t complete without Seviyan Kheer

As we know that in the  ‘olden days’, people ate simple food for most parts of the year and eagerly looked forward to the festivals for preparing and feasting on heavier foods; I believe that even for marriages, instead of the ‘fat-fuelled’ mithai, it was jaggery that was given to people and that was ‘the mithai’ in its simplest form and well, today…

Today, is the wonderful festival of Rakhi and for me every celebration is associated with food and this post too is dedicated to some of my favourite dishes, Rakhi falls in the ‘Sharvan’ month of the Hindu calendar,  which is a month which is characterised by slow ‘agni‘ aka ‘digestive powers‘.   Hence, the food consumed should be typically light on the stomach. However, when festivals arrive, all hell breaks loose…we celebrate with food and families cook together and eat together…and this is when we break all rules of Ayurveda 🙂

However, this isn’t the place or the time to criticise food…so, I reckon it’s time to sit down with your favourite hot cuppa and enjoy the Rakhi treats that are quintessential to a ‘Chaturvedi’ household with me.; maybe, have a go at it yourself!..Happy cooking and bonding over stunningly prepared food !

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: via Whiskaffair

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