Is there anyone out there (discounting vegans, of course!), who doesn’t love eggs? There are probably as many ways to cook eggs as there are different cultures.  Having grown up in North India,  ‘anda burji‘ aka spicy scrambled egg and ‘anda curry‘ aka egg curry were my absolute favourites. The first dish, together with any sort of a flatbread/ paratha and the latter with boiled rice, are ‘my happy‘.

This post is about my very recent taste adventure with a Scotch egg, which is essentially a hard-boiled egg that is wrapped around sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and traditionally fried! However, like everything else, there is a vegetarian version, with different combinations of risotto, vegetables and packed with flavour…it was infact, the contrasts of colours that attracted me to that stall to taste my very first Scotch egg…

I had always seen them just sitting in picnic baskets but had never, ever tried one…just the thoughts of a fried, cold egg covered in breadcrumbs… something similar to an egg pakora at room temperature didn’t encourage me to go ahead with this culinary adventure….well, until a few weeks back, that is!

Before I indulge you with some stunning pictures, I must share a little bit of history about this gorgeousness.  According to the knowledgeable wiki, The London department store, Fortnum & Mason claims to have invented Scotch eggs way back in 1738, but it is believed they may have been inspired by the Mughlai dish, nargisi kofta (“Narcissus meatballs”) and these koftas are served with a rich gravy. These koftas are very popular in the Indian sub-continent and served with rice or a buttery naan bread. Like I said, a million ways to consume the stunningly beautiful egg. You salivating yet?



13612332_1048695875167854_959426013230959441_nA big ‘thank you’ to the lovely people at the stall, who use the freshest of ingredients, to create the most delicious dishes ever and it’s not just Scotch eggs they do…


Now, get yourself to the market stall of  ‘The Cambridge Scotch Egg Company‘ or just head to the kitchen and make your favourite Scotch egg, yourself…so delicious, so filling and just perfect.  Generally enjoyed at room temperature, but I am advised by the ‘Scotch egg specialists’, that they are delicious hot too…

Shame, I wasted so many years without trying one…have you tried one yet?

You will find them at big festivals and various events across the UK,  and if you want to know anymore about them, then simply get in touch with them, The Cambridge Scotch Egg Company:

Shilpa xx



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