Breakfast like a King, is what all the wise recommend, though not everyone follows.  It’s all very well to advise someone to not skip breakfast, but if my first meal of the day was likely to be highly processed rubbish out of a box or a blackish-brown slice of wheat smothered in jam, then, I wouldn’t stick to this golden rule either.

It doesn’t have to be oats, cereal or just toast! There are no rules to follow, I say. If you fancy a curry, go for it, or perhaps, a leftover Chinese meal is what you are looking forward to all night, so, just make that your first meal of the day.  The intention to eat wholesome, filling food is what matters…simply to avoid all cravings until lunch time. Makes sense? Then, read on…

To eliminate all chances of you having a boring, lifeless  breakfast, I did some ‘food searching’ and am now able to present to you my most favourite ‘go to’  mouth-watering, ‘quick-to-make‘ breakfast ideas. Some fairly easy to do, whilst others may take a little bit of planning…but you deserve nothing less for your most important meal of the day. Apron on?

Creamy Banana, Buckwheat Porridge by DeliciouslyElla
Some Buckwheat groats, a couple of bananas and some milk with lots of fruit…A meal fit for a King via DeliciousyElla
Shakshuka, a spicy North African dish, to shake-up your metabolism by Umami Girl
Shakshuka, a North African dish…sort of similar to the Indian ‘Anda/Egg Curry’..via Umamigirl
Ragi Dosa aka Millet Crepe , deliciousness by Yummily Yours
Ragi aka Millet is the altest craze in healthy eating…always been tasty though via Yummily Yours
Sweet Potato Waffles, all the taste and goodness by A Saucy Kitchen
Sweet Potato in the avataar of a Waffle? Well, yes…perfect for breakfast via A Saucy Kitchen
Gobhi Paratha aka Cauliflower stuffed Flatbread, the King of all Breakfasts by Whisk Affair
Gobhi Paratha,  the King of all breakfasts and enjoyed best with a slab of butter via Whisk Affair

Sometimes, a simple scrambled egg captured in a nicely buttered soft roll is all the heart needs while at other times, a full English is what is called for (of course, the vegetarian variety for me).

Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow?  I am even more excited than is considered ‘normal’ for me! It’s going to be a ‘french eggy bread’ kind of a morning for me.  Wishing you a happy, kingly breakfast too!

Shilpa xx

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