Spring is almost here and what better way to welcome it than with light, handwoven ‘dhurries’ aka cotton (mostly!) rugs and colourful cushions in your home.  Rewind a few decades,  and you will see that in those days, the warmer months were welcomed by families putting away woollen carpets and replacing them just with a ‘daree’ aka ‘dhurrie’ or simply a ‘chatai’.

Cushions, I don’t think did much moving around between seasons! However, today, to welcome the warmer months,  we continue to replace the carpet with a ‘dhurrie’ in our home and now, also, scatter colourful pastel-accessories sparingly (read cushions, flower arrangements, white bordered frames to name a few).  These little cushions, whose prime purpose was simply to provide a support for the head or alternatively, function as a seat, have been around since 7000 BC (way back during the Mesopotamian civilisation)! If you fancy reading more about the history of cushions, then click here.

So, here we are discussing cushions and ‘dhurries’, with beautiful colours of spring. History tells us that ‘dhurries’ have been woven in India since around the first or second century AD, much before the Mughals introduced carpets to us, Indians!  During the British rule, large amounts of ‘dhurries’ were woven by the prisoners and exported across.  At this point, I must mention the book, ‘Dhurries’ by Nada Chaldecott (available on Jaypore), that is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing about the history, techniques and patterns used in the world of ‘dhurries’.

And since, this isn’t meant to be a history lesson, a little look at who is doing what in this world of ‘dhurries’ and cushions:

Anek Designs

Using statement fabrics directly from the artisans, Anek Designs make use of traditional Indian Textile Crafts along with Modern Aesthetics to create home decor products for our homes. They would be happy to look at your bespoke requirements as well. Stunningly beautiful, have a look for yourself:

Spring demands you bring in these beauties in ; Sold by: AnekDesigns ;  stores and Etsy
handmade designs cushions anekdesigns india artisanal
Handmade cushions, perfect for spring, and your home; Sold by: Anek Designs

Contact Anek Designs:
Web: http://www.anekdesigns.com/


A print and surface design studio , that makes use of organic fabrics, and provides for us,  contemporary home and lifestyle products.  I am in love with these colours and especially the tassles! Have a peep:

African designs created by Indian hands in India: Sold by IDAM Store
Dot-Dot Dhurrie, handscreen printed with cutwork katran; Sold by: IDAM

Contact IDAM:
Call: +91 95400 53303
Email: hello@idamstore.com
Web: http://www.idamstore.com/


A social enterprise, that creates handmade ‘dhurries’, using  natural fibres and a variety of techniques such as hand-tufting and dhurrie-weaving. You can buy their ‘dhurries’ online or alternatively, you can find them exhibiting in the likes of Dastkar. They will be more than happy to make you bespoke ‘dhurries’ as per your specific requirements. Speak to them but for now, have a look:

A circular Jodhpur cotton Punja dhurrie rug: Sold by: Kalavilasa
Handwoven dhurries, natural fibres, striking colours; Sold by Kalavilasa

Contact Kalavilasa:
Call: +91 98452 05420
Email: vivek@kalavilasa.com
Web: http://kalavilasa.com/

I end this post, urging you to get your home smiling with some cushions and ‘dhurries‘. Ensure you are ready to welcome the colourful festivities of ‘Holi’,  lighter, longer and warmer days!

Shop, spring clean, re-decorate, buy handmade, support designers who work with artisans…Be NOTJUSTASHOPPER!

Shilpa xx


Cover Image: via Pinterest






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