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Paintings sitting quietly on your walls,  express your desires, dreams, and are generally a reflection of your life though,  at times finding a piece of art, that fits into your home is rather hard! However, there are some artists out there, who create absolute magic on their chosen canvas with meaningful strokes of the brush.  Today, we are introducing to you,  one such genius, who oozes creativity and romance. By the way, she fuels herself  with humungous amounts of tea (which she absolutely loves) to create those masterpieces which we all fall in love with. 
Meet: Bakula Nayak
Meet ace artist and illustrator Bakula Nayak via
Living in Bangalore, India with her husband and three amazing children, she finds inspiration in daily life to create magic with her brush. An  architect by training, with a passion for collecting vintage papers and illustrating life stories on this very unusual canvas.  I asked Bakula for the inspiration behind her choice of canvas and this is what she said:
Bakula’s Inspiration:
‘The reason I paint on these papers is because I think we must celebrate these pieces of everyday from a past life. They give us a glimpse into the past.  I don’t paint on collectibles or papers that have value – they already have their own admirers and hold value.  A bill for ice cream from 1935 is suddenly elevated when it becomes a piece of art’.
A glance into Bakula’s work:
Without further ado, I present to you a peep into Bakula’s work. Make yourself a cuppa and get lost in her world…
‘GOOD THINGS GROWING’, SIZE: 15”X18”,  A vintage music sheet (circa 1932) with songs for children is the canvas for this piece
EAT…PRAY…LOVE, Canvas – Kannada newspaper, ‘Nandini’  dated 1923,  found in grandma’s attic , talking about deforestation. Same issues even today but on a larger scale! Size: 17”x22”
Inspired by a  vintage milk bottle cap. Memories of long road trips with breaks for a nice hot chocolate…Stories of life, all reflected in this painting
THE PARADE OF LOVE, Paper used: Legal document dated 1943; love the colours!
Want one for your home? Contact Bakula:
  • To connect with Bakula on Facebook: Click here
  • Find Bakula’s work on Artisera: Click here
  • Email:
  • Mobile: +91 9901366266

Bakula has been adjudged as the “Promising Artist of 2015” by Gurudas Shenoy, Founder of the Shenoy Art Foundation. She continues to participate in exhibitions across the country, to bring her art closer to you.  Thankfully, she is also happy to ship her masterpieces across the globe, for you. So, do speak to her!

Encourage creativity, artists and all things handmade…after all, you are notjustashopper, you are so much more

Shilpa xx

Cover: Artisera and Gallerie Angel Arts

All other images: Art by Bakula

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