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Are you one of those, who is always on the lookout for handmade pressies, that use ancient Indian craft techniques? Most of them are made by artisans, generally unknown to us, even though their creations are sold far and wide!  It’s the designers and stores who get the brownie points, but it’s these incredible artists telling a story through their art, that we ought to applaud! Anyway, we will do what we can, in our own little world, to make these amazingly talented folks ‘famous’.  Today, we talk about some brilliance created by the tribal artists of the Gond Art form.  Read away:

Gond Community

The Gond tribal community hails predominantly from Madhya Pradesh in India and these artists portray their daily life in paintings, done mainly across their mud houses.  The tribals from Gond believe that viewing a ‘happy’ picture brings good luck which explains traditional designs and motifs across their houses.

Did you know that the Pardhan Gonds used to tell folktales and other tribal stories in the form of songs? Visualise this scene and I promise, you will be transported to a different world! Gond art, is really the translation of these songs into expressive pictures.

Gond Art

This form of art is simply a celebration of life. It has references to Gods, nature and wildlife. All these were found in songs of the Pardhan Gonds and of course, later translated into art in their homes and more recently on canvas for the bigger world to admire. Infact, daily life is an inspiration for many of these paintings.  Every Pardhan Gond artist makes use of specific patterns to shade or ‘fill in’ the area inside the lines of the illustration.  There is a very clear outline of the illustration which is then later filled in with the most vibrant of colours, as well as intricately unique and distinctive patterns.

Gond Artists – Meet Rameshwar Dhurwey

Typically, the work of Gond Artists work is soaked in folk tales, their culture and stories from the past. Gond Tribal Art (click here for the website) is a good place to have a look at some Gond Tribal Artists and their work.

Nupur recently met one such amazing Gond artist, Rameshwar Dhurwey, at the Dastkar exhibition in Delhi. Have a peep into his work:

gond painting, madeinindia, gond artist
Gond painting with references to nature and wildlife. Sold by: Rameshwar Dhurvey
wildlife tribal gond painting, madeinindia
Wildlife & Tribals live in harmony as shown in the Gond painting. Sold by: Rameshwar Dhurvey

To know more about Rameshwar Dhurvey, either call him, email him or contact him on facebook.

  • Facebook: Gond Tribal Art India, Click here
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 0091 9516275594
Some others: Bhujju Shyam

This world renowned Gond artist started his working life as a security guard. His simplicity, humbleness, devotion and passion for this art form is an inspiration to thousands across the world. The book, ‘The London Jungle Book‘ made his name and work familiar in the West. He runs workshops too. So, get in touch.

Bhajju Shyam, a Gond artist painting on a wall at a building for Tara Books; Image: Pinterest

From very humble beginnings, his work is now available on several websites as well on Jaypore. Let us keep doing our bit to encourage these folks who keep our culture and tradition alive.

tamsiram gond birds, trees nature, handmade, madeinindia
Tamsiram’s painting of birds, trees and folklore in a Gond masterpiece; Sold by: Gond & Bhil Tribal Art

Look out for artists in this art form in your local fairs, melas and of course at the big events. You can bring this Gond art into your home, as a painting, mural or simply as a home accessory.

Gond painting at the craft museum delhi
Gond painting at the Craft Museum, New Delhi
Giving life to stories, culture via Gond and Bhil art forms
gond painting bhopal madeinindia folktales
One creates while the other takes a much deserved rest 🙂 ; Image: Gond and Bhil Tribal Art

We would like to leave you with this thought to ponder over. Next time, you visit an artist at an exhibit, please take the time to listen to the stories behind the creations. All artists we have met pretty much say the same thing ‘ We want people to see our work; we take great pride in what we create and all we want is for people to take a minute to appreciate it’. If you buy, that’s a bonus but even if you don’t, giving the time and respect to the artist is the least he/she deserves.

Respect the artist who is helping preserve these art forms of India, Be Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: Courtesy, Pinterest


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