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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  Dr. Seuss’s pearls of wisdom…Words tend to have a profound effect and become even more special, when written in scripts that are familiar. For me, the power and warmth of colloquial language and dialect stands out loud and clear.  I often feel the need to have these reminders and memories around me.  Home decor using crafts with Indian scripts scribbled across, gets me excited every single time and this is what I am writing about today.

I spent my formative years in Allahabad (am absolutely in love with its dialect!),  and wondered how lovely it would be to have some wall art in my home, created using Indian Scripts. This intrigued me enough to search the ‘all knowing’ google for ‘crafts of indian dialects calligraphy’ and guess what I found?

Akshara: Crafting Indian Scripts

A craft project- Akshara: Crafting Indian Scripts,(click here to read more) was conceptualized to bring the power of language and crafts together in a rather unusual way. The craft project, brainchild of Jaya Jaitley,  involved 58 producer-groups, 13 languages and scripts and 15 craft, textile and art forms covering 16 states! Typically, craftspeople are rooted in the local language and dialects, so giving them scripts as ‘design elements’ was a wonderful way to not only make them feel accepted, but also exude pride in their vernacular culture. Read more about the Akshara Project here and some more here.

Being completely enthralled by Indian Scripts, local dialects and crafts, I set out to look for something spectacular for my home – something that made use of a craft and Indian script. If this is your intention as well, then do have a peep at the Dastkari Haat Samiti Shop in Khan Market, in Delhi. For others who aren’t in Delhi, I present to you some work by craftspeople and designer-makers that got my heart beating fast.  If you admire their work, then please browse through their entire collection and treat your home to a ‘little of your history’, and a ‘little of your past’.  Prepare to be mesmerized while browsing through different accessories for your home, created with beautiful Indian Scripts:

Paintings, that use the Indian Scripts

Prakash Joshi – Phad Artist

Indian Script, Phad, Rajasthan - Devanagari - Prakash Joshi
The Hanuman Chalisa beautifully told using Indian script in a Phad painting by Prakash Joshi. Image: The Hindu

You can get in touch with Prakash Joshi at:

Patachitra by Apindra Swain

In this series of nine paintings by Apindra Swain, the astrologer releases a caged parrot and teaches it how to select cards that add up to telling a person’s fortune, rather like Chinese fortune cookies. Finally, the astrologer, his customer, and the parrot gather together as the parrot picks out a set of cards that tells the customer’s future. – Source: Akshara

Indian Script , traditional painting
Patachitra Apindra Swain with a parrot holding the letters of an Indian Script . Artist: Apindra Swain for Akshara

Wall Art: Calligraphy by Rajeev Kumar

Indian script , devnagari, painting, wall art
Panch Tatva- the five elements by Rajeev Kumar in Devnagari, an Indian script; Images: Calligraphy & design

Rajeev Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer turned Calligraphy Artist and a Graphics & Interiors Designer. His series of Panch Tatva or the five elements are a masterpiece. You can get in touch with him at:

  • Gems of Indian Thought, D-22, 2nd Floor, Sector 7, Noida 201301
  • Phone : +91.9958608251
  • Email: rajeev@gemsofindianthought.in
  • Connect with him on Facebook here
Cushions, with a subtle display of Indian Scripts

Niranjan Jonnalagadda of Kalakari Research and Training Center, Sri Kalahasti,  has painted the most beautiful Kalamkari cushions with Telugu calligraphy on each of them. While I don’t understand Telugu, they sure look pretty.

Indian Script, handpainted cushions
Handpainted kalamkari cushions with telugu, an indian script gives them a unique touch. Image: Pinterest

You can get in touch with Niranjan Jonnalagadda:

  • Website: http://kalamkari.org/
  • Mobile : +91-9849599239
  • Email : krtc.skht@gmail.com


Indian Script, silk cushions, home style
Beautiful silk cushions with Indian script detailing by Mumbai based Masalaworks

Shop for these cushions and more at their website or connect with them on facebook here .

Furniture – Shlokas and Scripts on your furniture

You would agree that it feels warm and fuzzy when we see Hindi or any of our regional scripts being used as a design element.  A coffee table, a chair or accent tables nesting a beautiful craft and scripts.

Ambika Devi – Madhubani nested tables

See Also

These tables handpainted in the Madhubani style by Ambika Devi showcase different ceremonies of a wedding celebration. The words of three different songs, sung traditionally on these three occasions, are hidden within the leaves of the tree on that particular table. How beautiful!

Indian script, furniture, madhubani tables, ambika devi
Madhubani tables painted by Ambika Devi showcasing three different marriage ceremonies and the songs sung in each. Image: Akshara: 

Molly of Design 5 Studio

Molly is a decouper artist. She restores, designs and hand-paints wooden products. Reviving vintage furniture using hand-painted details and decoupage is a deep passion. The shlokas and scripts on a beautifully decoupaged and painted furniture piece will surely catch your eye.

Indian Script, shlokas, indian furniture
Molly creates the Gond inspired desk and the shloka chair reviving vintage pieces with passion and patience. Images: Design5 Studio

You can connect with Molly at:

  • Website: https://www.design5.biz/
  • Connect with her on facebook here
  • Follow on twitter here

I discovered several beautiful items in this journey such as coasters, trays, ceramic dinnerware, and of course apparel. However, I will discuss about those another time.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring, learning and writing about these treasures today.  When we know the stories behind the crafts and the people behind them, only then can we truly invest in them. Learn about a craft, support a craftsperson, a designer-maker…be Notjustashopper.

XO, Nupur

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