Create keepsakes from old clothes and jewellery

As we grow older, we collect a lot of precious memories, sometimes as simple gifts from parents and grandparents.  A traditional gold or silver coin that was given to a ‘new-born’ you, suddenly becomes meaningful and you yearn to have it close to you, in a form that you can touch it and feel the closeness of the older generations through it. Creating keepsakes from old clothes and jewellery has been on my mind for a while.

Not just jewellery, but making use of your grandmothers’ sarees and shawls around your home, is a fantastic feeling too. How many of us have our grandmother’s special saree, dupatta or shawl hidden away in a trunk or a closet? Take them out, air them, use them or if they aren’t in a great condition to be used, then have them transformed into a quilt, a wrap, table linen or any other meaningful, useful accessory around the house.

So, what do you do next?

Jewellery – Creating memories from heirloom pieces

You can simply walk into your family jeweller and ask for a new piece to be created using what you have. Alternatively, you can go to someone who will understand the love, the emotions behind your requirement and create a bespoke piece, all ‘hand-crafted’ of course, just for you. Then, you could just wear your precious memory on you, or have it in your home at all times.  There are some folks out there, who would be able to help you with this. We will talk about Chicory Chai today.

Chicory Chai

Himani Mantri Grover, founded this company, with the sole intention of telling stories of her ancestors and their history, and in her own way, guarding that legacy.

This team works to create pieces mainly using brass and copper, but are always more than happy to create bespoke pieces just for you , based on your needs.  Be it an old coin, a stone, a part of a pendant or just about any piece that you can’t bear to see exchanged for something else, the team from this company will transform your heirloom piece into wearable jewellery or a home accessory that can be around you, exuding love and warmth at all times. Do note that this is the only environment-conscious jewellery (working with metal) brand in India. Now, have a look at some of their work:

See Also

Hand-crafted gorgeousness, with the most beautiful splashes of colour. Sold by: Chicory Chai
Jewellery created mainly using brass and copper, unless of course you ask for a bespoke requirement. Sold by: Chicory Chai
jewellery handcrafted india artisan
Get your old coins out and get them transformed into a wearable piece of jewellery. Sold by: Chicory Chai
Get in touch with Chicory Chai:
  • Call: Call +91 98108 29027

An environment friendly company too, they not only create bespoke ‘much loved’ products from your precious sarees, t-shirts, dupattas and more but also help you enormously in you re-cycling and re-using your clothes and other home accessories.  I think we Indians are quite brilliant at re-cycling anyway. For example, a t-shirt begins life, well, as a t-shirt but after attaining multiple avatars, its ends up as a dusting cloth. So, in my opinion we are quite sorted with that sides of things, but where this team of sisters come in handy is when you perhaps would like to use your grandma’s saree and it isn’t in a great condition to be worn. This is when,Manisha and Ayesha, will waive their magic wand to transform that saree of your nani’s into perhaps a quilt, a cushion or into something else spectacular. This way, you will continue to feel the emotions and the love associated with that saree for many, many more years.  Have a look at their creations:

recyled quilt handmade reuse india
Don’t want to throw away those old tshirts of all your family? Turn them into a quilt and capture those memories. Sold by: Cornucopia
The colours, the birds…and of course the memories. Sold by Cornucopia
recycle reuse home accessory
Look at this stunning wrap? Use your old scarves or grandma’s dupattas or old sarees…and then always feel her close to you. Sold by: Cornucopia


Get in touch with Cornucopia:

  • Call: +91 88004 42235
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Click here
Memories are precious, keep them safe and close to you in the form of keepsakes. Be kind to the environment, and do your bit in keeping our planet safe and livable for our future generations; Be Notjustashopper!
Shilpa xx
Cover Image: Chicory Chai and Cornucopia
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