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Sometimes, a plain  white scarf, a simple linen saree, a hat, all look ‘lonely’ in my opinion, as if looking out for a hug, and I reckon, the best way to bring instant happiness to these simple essentials,  is by adding a few Pom-Poms. Pom-Pom to me, is happiness!

A little history about the wonderful Pom-Pom

The humble Pom-Pom has been around since the 18th century and still continues to go strong. Did you know that the word ‘pom-pom’ is derived from the French word pompon, which simply translates to a ball put together, mostly using either fabric or feathers.  Its first use was perhaps on a hat…well, today, the opportunities for fixing a bobble or rather a pom-pom are endless.

I believe these gorgeous Pom-Poms formed an integral part of the French naval uniform as well as that of the Belgian sailors. Scots refer to this as the ‘toorie’ and have had this as a fixture in their military uniforms too for centuries! Pom-Pom had its uses away from the battlefield too…Turkish and Italian wedding shoes mostly displayed a Pom-Pom.

Pom-pom in your lives today

Look at life around you and pom-poms seem to jump up in every direction! Today, this lovely round ball of joy, emanating happiness and life has become a symbol of happiness and warmth. Look at some of it’s pretty uses here:

byloom linen hand made pom-pom
When a plain saree is bought alive by the mighty Pom-Poms: Sold by Byloom
handmade pom-pom madeinindia blouse saree
The addition of pom-poms to the blouse completes the look. Sold by House of Blouse 
dastkar handmade pompom
The peeping pom-poms from these sarees..Head to summer weaves in Delhi : Sold by: Dastkar
handmade shoes pompom madeinindia
Sandals, Sold by: The Wedding Brigade and Kolhapuris, Sold by: Vanshika Ahuja

I am a big fan of jazzing things up, be it a bag, a saree, a scarf or even my cotton tote by sticking in a few pom-poms but sometimes, it can look a bit much. I came across this hilarious post on how not to look like a craft store, when accessorising with pom-poms and I suggest you do give it a read. Click here to read.

Make your own Pom-Pom

Here is an extremely easy set of steps, demonstrated using a fork to create a beautiful pom-pom. Come on, get into DIY mode, give it go!

Pom-Pom in the UK

And if you live in the UK, and are looking for the most magical pom-poms, made of ‘eco-friendly’ paper, then get in touch with Sarah of PomPom Studio.

See Also

If you remember to keep a balance, then, what’s not to like about pom-poms? They are handmade, easy to create and bring an instant smile . Give it a go, get crafty and enjoy being Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: via Pinterest 1, 2

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    • Thankyou Pallavi. However, at this point, we don’t sell. Each product image has the ‘sold by’ mentioned below it. Please refer to that and get your gorgeous pom-poms. They are lovely, aren’t they?

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