The Ayush Kejriwal saree – striking, sassy and ever so stunning

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“A few years ago I came across a phrase – ‘To do a common thing uncommonly well, brings success’, and I think this is exactly what I set myself to do. I wanted the clothes I made to be uncommonly good, clothes which catered to an audience that had an appetite  for great design. My approach to design is playful that helps me deliver aesthetics that’s easy to like.  I strive to create stories, weave memories , direct dramas and last but not the least spread love.” – Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal, is one of the few designers, who aims to empower minimalism and deliver stylish clothes without sacrificing any credibility.  Minimalism, to Ayush,  isn’t about being safe but is about knowing what you want and being bold! His creations tell a story and have the power to touch your soul. Something else that comes across loud and clear is his immense respect for women. This reflects in his designs and the writing that accompanies each piece on social media.   We connected with Ayush and tried to delve deeper to find what inspired him to create such magnificence, his journey, advice and his design philosophy.
A peep into Ayush Kejriwal’s design journey
NJAS: I believe you were inspired tremendously by Sabyasachi’s work.   Have you done any work in collaboration with him? I am referring to a blog you wrote:
AK: Yes, I was inspired by him, I am inspired by him and I will continue to be inspired by him. I have not worked with him per se, but I used to write this blog as a Sabyasachi aficionado. I would love to work for him if ever given a chance! Who wouldn’t?

NJAS: You were a marketing professional with a great interest in style and design. How did you get your first break? How did you transition from being a marketeer to a well known designer?
AK: I never got a break instead I created a road for myself. I started making clothes and selling them via social media. Being a marketer helped me promote myself.

NJAS: Any pointers for people who want to design and style for others? Especially, how to get funding for creating and selling what they love?

AK: Stick to what you like and people will find you. As far as funding is concerned, I started with £300 and I continue to run my business debt free.

NJAS: Do you have a workshop/ studio in Kolkata? Do you work with artisans based in Kolkata? How do you make a difference to their lives?
AK: I work with artists from all around the world not just Kolkata. I do not have one set production unit. I give them a livelihood, I appreciate their art, I love them and that makes a difference to them… they feel wanted.

Lovely to connect with you Ayush…and now its time to sit back, relax and treat your eyes to the timeless, stunning and sassy creations by Ayush Kejriwal…

The collection:

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Let me close this post by quoting Ayush Kejriwal on his design philosophy:

“I think designing is like painting and you cannot paint something wondering whether it will appeal to someone or not! Artists don’t use their minds they go with their hearts, I consider myself to be an artist and I always listen to what my heart says.”

If you are thinking of treating yourself to Ayush’s work, then write to him directly. He neither has a website nor a physical store and prefers having a one-to-one interaction with his clients, whilst sharing a conversation with them.

Contact Ayush Kejriwal on:
  • Whatsapp: 0044 7840384707
  • Email:  OR
  • Facebook
  • Instagram: designerayushkejriwal
If you desire to achieve something, then take that first step which sometimes is the most difficult step, but never, ever stop believing in yourself……Be Strong, be sassy...Be Notjustashopper!
All Images: Courtesy- Ayush Kejriwal
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