DIY kits from up-cycled pine, and Up-cycled furniture with a new face

Re-use, Re-cycle, whatever you want to call the process, the idea is pretty much the same; it is giving something a new look, a new face and perhaps even a new purpose in life. Don’t we all need this too, in our lives now and again? We spoke about up-cycling not long back and click here to get a little refresher on up-cycled furniture.

Today, we are brining to you the joy of putting together furniture using a sustainable DIY kit, made from up-cycled pine, as well as the unlimited pleasure you will experience on seeing an heirloom piece of furniture, up-cycled.

uByld – Pioneers in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Furniture Kits

uByld, as the name suggests is a company encouraging you to build! Build your dream home together and as someone said, A family that builds together, stays together’. It’s the first ever company in India to offer DIY kits, put along with an instruction manual as well as all the needed nuts ‘n’ bolts.  And all this with no guilt, as no trees are ever harmed in the making of these DIY kits. This team headed uses only up-cycled pine . Now, this isn’t all, as another favourite part of this setup is that all their DIY kits are lovingly handcrafted by their craftsmen from Himalayan villages, who create the kits as well as pre-assembled furniture.

If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, then uByld also offer a service, whereby, they would build for you and they refer to this as, vByld. And, if it some specialist advice that you are after, then the team from uByld, will happily design your space for you; be it a restaurant, a café, your home or just some bespoke furniture. They have both, the desire and the ability to excel in the project you set out to them.  Speak to them for your requirements, but for now, if you are feeing inspired for some therapeutic DIY, then have a peep at some easy to build DIY kits, get your creative juices flowing and build a piece for your home:

upcycled, wood, DIY, DIY kit, home furniture, furniture, design, madeinindia
Upcyled Pine, turned into a Coat hanger, or use it ‘as a hanger with anything that can be hung’; Sold by: uByld
upcycled, wood, DIY, DIY kit, home furniture, furniture, design, madeinindia
A DIY kit is all you need to build your own cuttlery stand; Sold by: uByld
DIY kit, furniture, wood, up-cycling, handmade, pine
Father-daughter building their home, building memories; one wood slab at a time; Sold by: uByld
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The Second Wind

A fairly new, but a much needed entry into the world of up-cycling. They founders grew up seeing up-cycling happening in their grandparents’ home. The ‘throwing-away‘ culture didn’t exist and they saw old objects in the home being given new lives with a new purpose.  This exactly is what they aim to practice in their venture, that gives used and old products,  a renewed energy.

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Their powers don’t lie just in giving a new life to things that may otherwise have gone to the landfill site but they also will happily offer their brilliance in design services for your home, office or even in creating a quirky design booth for an exhibition that you are planning to trot too. Give them a call and have a chat and see what they can do for you.

up-cycling, crib, recycle, furniture, design
A crib turned into a bookshelf; No throwing, simply being clever about up-cycling..Sold by: The Second Wind
upcycling, tyre, furniture, design, madeinindia, handmade
Upcycling tyres into a table; looks rather comfortable to squat on too; Sold by: The Second Wind
up-cycling, furniture, home style, home decor, interiors, madeinindia
The Magic turns the old table into a piece of Art; Sold by: The Second Wind
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DIY is therapeutic and I recommend it whole-heartedly. I am a fairly new entrant into this world and must admit that I am rather pleasantly surprised at its power to bond families and friends. (Little hint: playing Lego as a young child will help you be a super-DIYer).  And of course, up-cycling is very close to my heart too. Growing up in India, ‘getting repaired’ or giving it away for further use, is not alien to us. However, giving an old piece a new face with even more uses is what makes up-cycling so beautiful and much needed in this day and age.
Get building, continue to up-cycle… Be Notjustashopper!


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