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What does furniture mean to you? For me, it is nothing but a ‘movable item’ that makes a space livable. It’s for us to choose that piece of ‘movable item’ wisely to reflect our personality, our beliefs and traditions. While growing up, I believed that the ‘clever carpenters’ can create just about anything. Then there came a phase where ‘machine-made’ furniture tried to take over! Life comes a full circle, and before the ‘take-over’, people fell in love with handmade furniture all over again.

Thankfully, people like you, with a love for ‘handmade goodness’ are helping bring back that joy.  Encouraging designers who work with artisans and ‘urban karigars‘, using traditional techniques and elements of our culture, is not just good for your home, but for the entire planet. Here is a peep into the world of two such designers:

DesignClinic India – Creating utility products by integrating Indian elements

Founded by Parth Parikh, this design studio, based out of Delhi creates the most exotic looking, highly functional products with the mantra that India, our wonderful country never, ever fails to inspire. A lot of the products are inspired by mundane daily chores (to most people but not to Parth!), especially from life in the villages.

Some examples are, the ‘Matka Bench‘ representing clay pots balanced by women on their head, the ‘Haathi Daat table lamps‘ depicting the elephant tusks and the very interesting ‘Dabbawala Coffee Table‘ , inspired by the world-famous ‘dabbawalas’ of Mumbai.

Parth believes that there is a huge market for ’emotional’ designs, weaving stories, culture, crafts and traditions and, we are in total agreement with this. You can bring this gorgeousness into your home or, let Parth know of your requirements and he along with his wonderful team of ‘karigars’ will make sure that your ideas, imaginations and requirements transform into a piece of brilliance. Did I mention to you that the Design Clinic India also takes on projects in interior design and they do a splendid job too. Have a browse:

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(Above Pictures: Courtesy Design Clinic India)

Contact details for: Parth Parikh’s Design Clinic India
  • Call: +91 98995 35900
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  • Website:
Retyrement Plan – Turning tyres into stunningly beautiful furniture

A concept studio, run by textile designer, Anu Vieira Tandon is a haven for people who love owning, stylish eco-friendly furniture. Furniture that is almost indestructible, beautiful and does not have a need to be upholstered either! As she says, ‘Upcycle – wholecycle – anycycle, everything that flows in a cycle has a place in our lives.’ 

These furniture pieces are made with tyres from well-travelled vehicles, waste from the garment industry and ‘thrown away’ plastic. Instead of filling up the landfill sites, this bundle of trash reaches  Anu’s studio and gets a new life, and in the process, making hearts a little lighter and brighter.

Saving the planet by reusing or rather upcycling these tyres is just one part of the story.  Anu works with talented cane weavers too (who had migrated to Mumbai in search of work from all over India). She enables them to earn a good living and in the process brings to us, furniture created using traditional weaving techniques.  The ropes for the weaving are sourced from small recycling units that make them from textile and wrapping waste. The fun element is choosing patterns and colours while weaving to create the most colourful pieces of furniture.

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(Above Pictures: Courtesy Retyrement Plan)

Contact Details: For Anu Tandon Vieira’s Retyrement Plan

‘Handmade’ is good, using of artisans and ‘karigars’ who are skilled in the traditional techniques is even better. However, when the result is a quirky piece of brilliance, then it’s a win-win. To top it all, if we leave a better planet for our future generations, then, what’s not to like?

Bring some ‘goodness’ and  ‘Indianess’ to your home…Be Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx

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