Har Coffee Zaroori Hai

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“Starts me up, makes my day…It opens up my eyes all the way…the only way I take is hot, so guess what I want….”One Cup of Coffee”

One of the songs I loved in the late 80s, by The Art Company. I would sing along every time it played on the cassette music player (yes, we had those back then). It was almost customary to make ‘beat coffee’ every time my friends came over – our first tryst with cappuccino-like drink in India, much before the café culture captured our imagination. Little did I know that I would absolutely love this beverage and need my caffeine fix often when toiling away at work. The one thing I try at ANY place I travel to, is the coffee it has to offer. While I am a tea drinker, and love my several cups of ‘chai’, coffee is what I usually gravitate towards when traveling. So, here I am, attempting to write about one of the world’s favourite beverage as I have experienced it.

An attempt to write about coffee must begin by paying tribute to the Galla tribe of Ethiopia, who, as we understand, are responsible for discovering this beverage, way back in the 10th century.  They experienced a great surge in their energy levels when they consumed ground coffee berries mixed with fat. That is history, of course but today as well, a drink called ‘Bullet Coffee’ is pretty similar to the first ever decoction made!  History (and coffee styles) do repeat themselves..and as the title of this posts says, ‘Har Coffee Zaroori Hai‘, translating to the point that the co-existence of different coffee types and styles is imperative for the survival of people.

Different styles of Coffee

So, get yourself a cuppa (and maybe a slice of cake or two), put your feet up and browse through some deliciously, warming cups of coffee…

coffee, madeinindia, beverage, social
Making Mornings Magical ….. The Italian Coffee; via Pinterest
coffee, portugal, social, beverage
Just coffee, nothing fancy…as served in a teeny café, in a quiet town in Portugal
Goa, coffee, holiday, experience, beverage
The ambience, the beautifully baked slice and the brew as experienced at Lila’s in Goa
coffee, global, beans, coffee houses, cafe
Different blends around the globe in a variety of mugs and cups, with different kinds of beans
italian, coffee, sweet, cafe, beverage
Café bombón…well, a tad on the sweet side for me, but different nonetheless…
french press, coffee, UK, cafe, coffee houses
From the very trusted French Press…just make sure the beans are the best; via Pinterest
The Indian Coffee Scene

It is believed that coffee has been around in India since the 1600s. It was bought into India by Baba Budan to Chikmagalur in the state of Karnataka. Hence, this is considered to be its birthplace in India. Read more about it hereIf you fancy making your Kapi, the South Indian way, then watch this:

Some Trivia, for those interested
  • Sometime in 1475, a woman was given the power to divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with her daily requirement of coffee, well according to the Turkish law, anyway!
  • In 1475, the first ever coffee shop opened its doors to people
  • The first coffee-house opened in London, in 1672
  • In 2010 or so, a car fueled by coffee (not petrol, gas, electrics or diesel!) travelled from London to Manchester. What a waste of beans!!
  • Then it was only in 2014, that then men floating in the International Space Station, got their first ever espresso machine

Your mug must be empty now…go, refuel yourself.  However, I sign off with just one suggestion: Never, ever have a decaf. As someone said ‘Decaffeinated coffee is the devil’s blend.’ 

Have it your way…Be a coffee snob, Be Notjutsashopper!


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