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Your home is a reflection of your family. The colours, the artefacts, the books in shelves tell stories of your life, your likes and dislikes. I am no ‘homestyling’ guru but I do know ‘us’ like no one else would, and hence surely, I should be best placed to tell tales of my own heritage and my life…though with a little help from an expert at times. You too must have a go at giving your home a new look, perhaps to make it align with the weather outside or to simply reflect your mood but, for the big life-changing home projects, I would hugely recommend using the services of an experienced home-styling guru.   It’s your home, it has to be telling your story, and with a little help from an home design expert, the end result would be magnificent. Without any further ado, meet one such guru, Dipa Desai:

Architect & Interior Designer Dipa Desai

Dipa Desai, whose home is one of the most complex and beautiful projects that she has ever commissioned has a love for Indian art forms and crafts.  Her home, her haven, needed to tell a story of her own family, her friends,  of artefacts and treasures inherited from both, her husband’s and her own family, precious memories of places visited, whilst ensuring that each member feels ‘at home’ in their home.  A herculean task but I suppose for an expert like her, it simply is putting those pieces of the puzzle together! Making a house a home, is what Dipa does brilliantly and here we are, sharing her story with you.

World Wide Web versus Focussed Advice from a Specialist

In this day and age, we all turn to the world wide web for advise and inspirational stories for nearly all aspects of our lives. Well, rightly so, as there is this beautiful community, always available and brimming with talent.  However, sometimes a little expert advice from someone with experience and information on the subject in question, quite helps. I am all for moving things around, adding plants, mirrors and frames to give a new lease of life to your home, but sometimes, when your home is shouting for a facelift or a complete re-design,  and it needs more than just re-arranging or addition of accessories, then I suggest you find a specialist, someone who would be all ears to your stories and needs, and would accompany you complete this humungous journey.

Dipa Desai’s Home

Dipa Desai, an architect & interior designer by profession, whose home is the epitome of cosiness, tradition and packed with memories and life stories. She does all kinds of home styles, based on whatever is asked of her,  but her own home is a reflection of her life, just like your home should be a reflection of yours. Have a peep into her home for inspiration and some love:

dining table, dipa desai, traditional, interior design, architect
The texture on the wall, chairs from their grandparents’ home and the metal dinnerware…make it the perfect dining table
dining table, dipa desai, traditional, interior design, architect
The buddhas on the wall, the coffee table, the colours…make this an inviting sitting area
dining table, bedroom, dipa desai, traditional, interior design, architect
Bring nature into your home with the clever use of mirrors and glass, and the cosiness of it…retire to this zen-like room
dining table, hallway, entrance hall, dipa desai, traditional, interior design, entrance, architect
Welcoming view from the entrance door … the lamps, the painting,  as if standing with folded hands to welcome you
Re-kindle and Re-invent

As you would have noticed, Dipa’s home effectively combines contemporary design with beautifully added Indian arts, crafts and traditions. Dipa would want nothing more than for her fraternity to re-kindle and re-invent a unique style which showcases the Indian style uniquely; A contemporary India celebrating her past. A style that is practical, makes the most of space, a style that reminds you of your roots and gives you that sense of peace and calm.

If you a want a more detailed tour of Dipa’s home, then do have a read of a beautifully written piece by Sruthi Singh of The East Cost Desi fame, by clicking here.

Take inspiration from this wonderful architect and interior designer’s home, and if you fancy a major overhaul to your home, then do get in touch with the talented, Dipa at:

To end, I must quote these beautiful lines, by Dipa. “My quest to infuse Indian arts into contemporary design continues. It has to go beyond being just a painting on a wall.  Innovation and applications of art styles to different surface materials like stone, wood, veneers, and more is what excites me as an architect” .  

Be a home stylist, re-invent your home whilst remembering your roots…Be Notjustashopper!


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