Ikroop, the Glass artist & Jewellery Designer

Primarily transparent but not always, easy to shape when in molten state, neither a solid nor a liquid and can be recycled any number of times; without going into the depths of science, let’s just say that it is glass I am referring to. And, when Ikroop Dhillon sprinkles her magic dust on a piece of glass, then what is created is an artistic expression in the form of jewellery or a home accessory.  I believe the word Ikroop translates to ‘one of a kind’ and her creations are just that. Keep reading…

What is Ikroop?

An unique, one of a kind place, perhaps the only one in the world that uses the traditional Indian motifs alongside European art techniques to create world-class jewellery.

Ikroop, the designer behind this brand has learnt the nuances of glass art from the master himself, Atul Bakshi, the best glass artist in all of India, though her first brush with this was in Murano, Italy itself.

What will you find at Ikroop?
Glass Jewellery 

The jewellery is created using a world renowned Glass fusion technique known as ‘Murano’ . This technique involves heating the glass to over thousand degrees into a molten state which then leads to creation of a various shapes with bursts of colour.

No two pieces are identical because of the method used in its creation and hence this jewellery is lovingly put under the category of wearable art.  This glass masterpiece is then encased using the traditional ‘karigari’ skills in brass and then gold-plated (18.5 carat) to achieve a contemporary look and feel.

Infact, we had written about another designer (Razia Kunj), creating wearable art, not long back. Have a peep into Razia Kunj’s designs (by clicking here), and be amazed at the difference in styles of Ikroop’s and that of Razia’s. Both wearable art, both gorgeous, but that’s where the similarities end.

Art Work

Glass is a versatile medium and it offers endless possibilities to the artist. Stained glass is beautiful and is present in churches and chapels across the world. The Ikroop studio creates contemporary art accents using the same technique (copper taping and lead lining) to create bespoke art installations as well as fused glass canvas stories.

Glass pieces for your home and if you want a bespoke installation, speak to them: All sold by Ikroop

European glass techniques coupled with Indian craftsmanship to create your jewellery: All sold by Ikroop
Where can you buy Ikroop from?

It’s available from different stores across the country:

Online on:

Contact Ikroop

If you are looking to have a little bit of ‘glass prettiness’ in your life, then do have a look at the magnificence created by this glass artist. Ikroop welcomes interns, so do have a little chat if that’s what you are after.

They will be participating in The Pink Post Inc, Delhi and the Enchanted Garden, Kolkata events in the coming months. So, do keep an eye out and treat yourself to some glass gorgeousness.

Love glass in all its forms …Be Notjustashopper!


All Images courtesy: Ikroop


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