Taxi Fabric – Giving artists visibility & public transport a facelift

Have you spotted an auto in Delhi or perhaps a cab in Mumbai covered in colourful patterns, telling a story and maybe sending out a social message? Well,  Taxi Fabric is the reason behind the new avatar for some of these iconic modes of transport.  This organisation is giving artists and designers visibility to showcase their work. Also, providing the public transport with a much needed facelift.

Trucks and Autos in India have for long been beautified by colourful prints of Bollywood. I think the time has come for these symbolic modes of travel to turn all artsy and crafty. Creative juices are flowing in abundance in India. Wouldn’t it be rude to not show-off their talent to the world? What better place than streets and public modes of transport for the designers to showcase their work! What’s not to like about giving designers a huge platform as well as making cities prettier and artsy??

Purpose of Taxi Fabric
  • Display the works of local designers to a wider audience through public transport. All this helps to enrich the user experience of both, the users of the public transport as well that of the drivers
  • Explain the relevance of Design as a career option to the older generations in India and make it even more acceptable than it already is
  • To send a strong message via every installation – be it to respect our planet’s natural resources or be more respectful and aware of our history
Collaboration of Taxi Fabric with Designers & Artists

Taxi Fabric has been working alongside the most amazing illustrators, calligraphy artists and textile designers to create a ‘conversation starter’ kind of a public mode of transport. Each work narrates a story, illustrates our history or simply sends across a powerful social message using the power of design. Here is a look at two of our favourite works (Please pardon our affinity to Delhi autos – have a love-hate relationship with them, but can’t live without them!):

Meet Designer Jyotimayee Patra: Creating ‘Dilli Haat’ of New Delhi in an Auto
dill haat, designer, taxi fabric, illustration, artist, india, culture dill haat, designer, taxi fabric, illustration, artist, india, culture
To browse Jyotirmayee Patra’s work:  Click here
Meet Designer Mohammad Azad, the designer of ‘Delhi into the Future’: Juxtaposing the essence of the future with the vestiges of the past
illustration, designer, artist, delhi, future, madeinindia illustration, designer, artist, delhi, future, madeinindia
 To browse Mohammad Azad’s work: Click here 
Travelling in Mumbai cabs and Delhi Autos will never be the same again! Well, provided you are lucky enough to get into one that has been touched and beautified by a designer! Maybe, someone in London could give the tube a much needed facelift too? Anyone listening?
Appreciate what goes into every product, in every piece of clothing you buy….Respect the designer; Be Notjustashopper!
All Images: Courtesy Taxi Fabric
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