Storytelling magic with The Kahani Project and Tara Books

Storytelling has been a part of Indians for hundreds of years. Styles differ based on communities across the length and breadth of the country. Storytelling traditions often include wonderful dance performances and song recitals.   It’s no wonder that every child in India grows up with stories, not just read to them from a book, but stories shared by grandparents and parents alike.  When I was younger, there never was a need to listen to a story about a princess in far away land…magic existed right at home, just where we were.  Can we bring that magic back? Tara Books and The Kahani Project are trying their best, and thankfully, succeeding…

The Kahani Project

The Kahani Project, is dedicated to bringing stories from across India to one and all. A look at the video below will give you an appreciation of the vast amounts of storytelling styles and communities that exist in India. Enjoy this clip:

Living Stories : Storytelling Traditions of India

This team believes that listening to stories is a fundamental right of every child. So, to enable this, this team records stories in the audio format and makes them easily available to children of all age groups, disabilities and across the varied social gradient. And the best part is that people like you and me, essentially just about anyone can contribute a story to this project.  If you have a story to share, get in touch with them and they will be delighted to take you through the steps.

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A story in Marathi…one of the many that you can hear and fall in love with your mother, even more… Listen here: Dinunche Bill by The Kahani Project
Contact details for The Kahani Project Team:
Tara Books – Handmade books by artisans

Tara Books not only publish the most fascinating stories, that strike a chord with both children and adults, but also focus on fair-trade and sustainable values of printing and publishing. Cotton rags and recycled waste paper is used to make handmade paper for these books. Even better is the fact that any waste from the printing process (which the team ensures is a minimum) is used to make covers for stationery items.  Handmade sheets of paper, stitched together by hand make a stunningly beautiful book. It’s not just the eco-friendly publishing process but the glimpses of different parts of India, that took my breath away.

Tara Books say,  ‘We design content in such a way that the reader ‘sees’ the many Indias that coexist and interact with each other in our books.’ and, I couldn’t agree more.  Not just this, they have been instrumental in translating children’s books from across the globe for children in India. Some of our favourite books are:

tara books, german edition, water life, picture book, handmade, paper
A beautiful display of Books,  FOCUS on the German edition of “Wasserwelten”, a Tara book . Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the visual experience created by handmade paper, glowing colours and unusual format of this book..via: Tara Books

Tara Books tell stories using different tribal and folk traditions and often using art forms such as Gond, Madhubani, Patchitra and more.

tara books, indian dr. seuss, handmade, crafty, arty book
Funny books, Crafty & Arty books…they have them all; This is the cover for Hic; Sold by: Tara Books
Contact Tara books:

Remember, these books are available in: English, Tamil and German

Have you introduced the children in your life to these storytelling wonders? If not, do so now and help spread the magic as far as you can.

There is a world of stories to be listened to and read …Read, listen and even tell your own…Be Notjustashopper!


Cover Image: The Kahani Project and 2 and (Tara Books)


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