Respite from the heat, the freshly washed lushness of the surroundings,  the earthy scent that envelopes our senses, the shrill sound of the crickets and visuals of blinding pinks, calming greens are just some of the blessings of the monsoons.  Monsoons need to be celebrated and what better way than to lose ourselves in bright colours, ‘mehndi’ aka henna and stylish, breathable, colourful and soulful clothes. Time to perhaps give the pastels in your wardrobe a rest! Step out this ‘Saawan’, ready for  ‘Teej’,  with just the perfect style for this Monsoon. Just a disclaimer, not everyone likes to dress up in traditional finery for ‘teej’, maybe ‘mehndi’ and a ton of bangles are not your thing. Celebrate it with the colours in the clothes you are comfortable in.

Checklist for this Monsoon
  • Brightest of pinks in your wardrobe
  • Calming greens in a spectrum of tones and shades – from light to dark
  • Bangles in Rainbow colours
  • A joyful heart
  • An appetite for pakora, samosa and all things fried

Now for some inspiration:

pink, sari, style, fashion, timeless fashion
The pink, the elegance, the happiness.this is just a big HUG in a picture; via Pinterest
pink, bohemia, skirt, monsoon fashion, indian
The bright pink with splashes of green always takes my breath away; via Nomad
pink, monsoon, indian, dress
Nothing says ‘Hello Rains’ as the brightest of pinks; via FUSS
The joy of wearing leheriya and the colour green in the monsoons. via  QOHINDIA
handmade, , monsoon, dress, indian
While the pinks get your heart racing, remember to have your ‘goto’ green dress for calm and earthiness; via: Indigene
green, silk, rains, fashion, dress, handmade
Sometimes, only the dress with straight lines. patter-free, calming green will do; via: Pinterest

Today was all about ‘Fashion on Friday’, relevant to this beautiful weather (ignore the humidity and focus on the variations of green around you). Never mind the frizz in your hair instead hold on to the the smell of ‘bhutta’ aka corn on the cob roasting by the roadside, and enjoy the downpour, the cooler weather with loud bursts of colour.

Get soaked, make a paper boat and remember to splash in the puddles...Enjoy the little joys of life; Be Notjustashopper!


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