Women on Wings – Empowering Women in Rural India

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“If you invest in a woman you invest in a whole family. Women on Wings starts where others normally stop. Sharing knowledge and skills is just as important as micro-finance”, said Queen Máxima. The essence of empowering women lies in providing opportunities for education and economic independence. Women on Wings aims to create one million jobs in rural India, changing one life at a time…

India has an upper and middle class that is getting richer but the poor (and especially those living in rural India), struggle to earn a decent living. The only way out of this poverty is education and economic independence. This is exactly what Women on Wings is trying to achieve for rural India. Sharing knowledge and experience with business leaders and social enterprises, to increase the women workforce in rural India, is what bring about this change.

Women on Wing’s Objective

To create one million jobs in rural India, is what this wonderful organisation is working towards. Empowering women, giving them financial independence, breaking the cycle of poverty and an improved life for their future generations is what drives this organisation. Their expertise is in creating business models for women in rural India by supporting businesses and helping them to be profitable.

panel, expert, rural, india, business, support
The panel of experts that help to empower women, which helps to build strong communities
rural india, social enterprise, business, crafts
WoW – Helping women in rural India live a better life
How have Women on Wings helped organisations?

Women on Wings, with its panel of experts, located in India and the Netherlands , is making a difference to lives of women, every single day.

Women on Wings primarily brings business knowledge. Sharing their expertise with their business partners in India, social enterprises employing women,  in areas such as business strategy, sales, business planning, finance, supply-chain and more, is what they do.

The main objective is to make their business partners work more efficiently and be market driven whilst being profitable. This would aid in creation of more jobs and provide a better livelihood for women in rural parts of India.

bank account, independent, women entrepreneur, india, rural
WoW- The self-confidence and the joy of a having a bank account; the smile says it all
What is the result of Women on Wings?

In its 10 years existence, Women on Wings has co-created over 2,20,000 extra jobs for women in rural India, jointly with its 35 business partners. This means for over 2  Lakh rural families a
better livelihood: improved nutrition, health and education for children.

On September 25, 2017, Women on Wings celebrates its 10th anniversary. But the journey continues!

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Have a listen from someone who has received support:

How can you be a part of this movement?

You can be the one asking for business consultancy or you could be the expert providing the support.  Some of the ways are:

  • If your organisation needs expertise business knowledge in areas such as profitability, strategy, setting up supply-chain or any other business knowledge, that would help you work more efficiently, whilst making a different to women in rural parts of India, then speak to them to ask for support
  • If you are an expert in a specific domain, and are happy to share your knowledge and expertise pro-bono, then please do drop them email now
  • If your organisation is in a position to support this work by making a financial contribution, then, please do let Women on Wings know

Like they say, ‘every little helps’! Do what you can to make Women on Wings achieve their goals, because in this, is a victory for humanity.

Contact: Women on Wings
  • Email: info@womenonwings.com
  • Website: http://www.womenonwings.com
How brilliant and amazing are all those organisations and individuals who are giving up their time and happily share their skills and knowledge to help change lives of women, thus bringing about big changes to entire communities.

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’
, said Mahatma Gandhi and Women on Wings is giving us all an opportunity to put his words into practice.

Make a difference, Be Notjustashopper!

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