5 ways to add Indian Elements to your Home

Indian elements …What does it even mean? For me, it personally means welcoming all guests with the most delicious warming cup of chai.  Though, I suppose it does have a different meaning to different generations and of course, varies hugely across regions.  A traditional Indian home is typically dotted with brass artefacts and wooden carvings but it doesn’t always have to be this. Don’t get me wrong! A beautifully placed brass with a shiny green plant behind it, will always make a place smile. But, there is more to an Indian home than just this.

Indian crafts and embroideries, sometimes with splashes of colour but at other times, fairly muted…there is so much to choose from.  I was browsing the internet, and some pictures just caught my attention and of course, I had to share them with you all. So, sit back and have a peep:

1. Athangudi tiles

These aren’t ceramic tiles at all.  These handmade tiles are a visual treat and are made in home factories in Athangudi,  typically by filling the mould with bright paints that is mixed with a little cement and local sand.  The patterns on these tiles are generally floral and geometric and are finished (not machine polished!) to stay glossy for years and years!

athungadi tiles, tamil nadu, home, decor
These aren’t ceramic tiles but instead made using sand and paint via Pinterest
Buy from:  Madurai Meenakshi Mosaic: Contact: Mr. Mohana Ganesh Phone : +91 – 44 – 32992131/24364309 Mobile : +91 – 09841021317

or from Athangudi Palace Tiles in Karaikudi:  Phone : +91 4565 281339, +91 4565 233331 Mobile : +91 94422 28331, +91 9442229331

2. Aranmula Kannadi

The exclusive Aranmula Kannadi is a mirror made of a medley of metal alloys and not glass. The uniqueness of its construction has been kept a closely guarded secret and is only known to four families in Aranmula. Its elusive charm has found it a place in the British Museum, where a 45 centimeter tall Aranmula mirror can be found.

handmade, kerala, india, mirror
A handmade mirror from Kerala via Pinterest

Buy from:   Aranmulamirror.com or from Travankore online.

3. Wooden trays or coasters
Inspired by the crafts and traditional hand-skills of India, this organisation creates absolute magic with wood for your home.
wood, tray, breakfast, handmade
Wood in all its beauty – No one does it better than Organic Connect. Sold by: Organic Connect
Buy from: Organic Connect
4. Ceramics

Ceramics are made across the globe but very important in the Indian home. Pottery is a big part of India and potters are making fairly traditional products, but what caught my eye was the gorgeous work of this company. May be, you could ask Megha of MudSlingers to inscribe some text in your preferred language…

pottery, ceramics, indian home, home
Ceramics are created across the world but are a pleasant site in an India home. Buy from: The MudSlingers Ceramics

Buy from: The MudSlingers Ceramics

5. Copper or ‘Kansa’ on your Table

Baarique creates unique pieces of art. The utensils are handmade & adorned with artwork by hand. Eating in ‘Kansa’ was the norm until such time that steel and bone china took over! You can choose to bring the good ‘ole days back again.

copper, metal, dinner, plates, home
Make meal times special with eating out of these metal beauties: Via Baarique

Buy from: Baarique

Bring in a little history, perhaps a craft from India into your home; Be Notjustashopper!



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