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You want to sit down to write but you have no idea where to begin, like words have run away from you. You are very aware that there are a zillion tasks to be done by the end of the day, but you have lost the mojo, it seems. The stress of daily life is getting to you. You hear voices around you prodding you to keep going. ‘It will all be all right’, you hear people say, though in your heart you know that unless you do something about it, it just won’t go away…it won’t! It is that sort of demon.  You probably have heard how meditation is a proven route to good mental health, but you are one of those for whom it didn’t work. So, maybe, it’s time to give a ‘crafty session’ a try…it’s hugely satisfying. Read on:

Is Yoga not your cup of tea?

Regular exercise of any sort can help and so can practicing mindfulness and meditation. However, if stretching out into daring asanas or meditating isn’t your thing, then perhaps creating something with your own hands may just be what your busy life needs.  When you get crafty, then all your energies simply get focussed on creating, which by itself is a meditative state. 

There is growing evidence that spending hours with a craft instead of surfing social media, maybe able to help with good mental health.  You don’t need to be a Piccaso or a Frieda Kahlo…just be you! So, you ask what can I do?  I say, doodle away, fill your pages with different shades of colour, embroider, sketch what you see, knit, crochet, sew, weave but, whatever you choose to do, remember to put down that gadget and pick up a pencil, a brush, a loom, a crochet needle or a pair of knitting needles and watch yourself feel a lot more calmer. 

Try Doodling, the Ekta way

Ekta and her husband, Vivek started by simply buying colouring books but this didn’t get them excited enough! Then, in the spring of this year, they attended a workshop by a young doodler, Tejo Guna, which was clearly the beginning of something wonderful for them both and continues to be a part of their lives. They make sure that they both sit down together at some point in the day, putting pen to paper, creating art while spending some quality time together. Of course, it is hugely therapeutic and  immensely beneficial for their mental health too. Doodle away, people and remember that this may be helping your memory stay sharp and your motor skills perfect too. Inspired to doodle yet? Look at Ekta’s work for more inspiration:

doodling, hyderabad, india, mental health, thingstodo
Doodling the evening away…balancing stress with creative juices
Dabble with colour,  just like Preeti 

Preeti unleashes the power of colours and transforms ceramics, light holders, jars and furniture into something fabulous.  Give her a surface and watch it transformed, one brush stroke at a time.  ‘I am no artist’, I hear you say,  but remember that your work is not going up for auction just yet anyway. So, be the MF Hussain that you always wanted to be. Paint away and yes, if you want to bring Preeti’s work home, then just simply  write to her.  Inspired yet?  What are you waiting for?? Ready, Steady, Paint….

colour, painting, ceramics, glass, wood, furniture
The story of a few strokes of colour…keeping you grounded and mentally sound, day after day…
Get Messy with Clay,  the Sara way

From working in the Maths department of Cambridge University to turning to her hobby for making a living,  is the story of Sara, who now has a pottery studio in Cambridgeshire. She now teaches in schools, runs 1-1 sessions and group sessions with anyone wanting to mess with clay. She also has created stunning installations for museums in the area.  

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This is something that I have been fascinated with for a long time. Just watching a clunk of moist clay spin around the potter’s wheel, and turning into something is not just therapeutic but purely magical. Being so close to earthy elements will relax, both your mind and body and re-energise you to take on anything that is thrown at you. Working on the potter’s wheel has been known to improve your mental health. So, are you all impressed by Sara’s work and are ready to play with clay? 

sara, bourn pottery, clay, mental health
Having fun with clay, and driving the blues away…

Get shopping for your favourite crafts and then work towards balancing your wellbeing…Craft the blues away and experience that zen like feeing; Feel like Notjustashopper!


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