Meet Razia Kunj, founder and artisanal jewellery designer

Razia Kunj, an artisanal jewellery designer and an artist is the founder of her hugely popular brand.  Deeply influenced by the art, culture, and architecture of India, Razia has always attempted to make art a part of the design. The large canvas held her in awe but it was always the smaller canvas that she excelled in. Wearable art continues to be Razia’s theme and she continues to experiment with various graphic forms. From recycling to conservation, to pop art, Razia has a slew of ideas, each of which goes on to form a new collection. She does not believe in mass manufacturing hence, each jewellery line has a few limited pieces, each of them painstakingly designed by her, hand painted and crafted by her team of artists.

Razia has been known to research for months (if not for years!) before launching a new collection and it is this in-depth knowledge of crafts, of history and of the customer whom she designs for, that have made each of her collections such a huge success.

Now, it’s time to enjoy a little peep into her work:


It’s such a joy to host Razia Kunj in Notjustashopper’s Festive 2020. Please give her a shout out and we hope that the next time when you are thinking of buying for someone who appreciates art, history and crafts, you’ll know where to go.

Nupur & Shilpa

Pictures: Courtesy Razia Kunj

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