Meet Molly, founder of Design5 Studio

handpainted up-cycled gift

Design5 Studio is a creative outlet to Molly’s strong love of Art, Sustainability and Minimalism. For most of us, to balance these these three elements together would be no easy task, but Molly has got the balance right. Design5 Studio up-cycles rejected wooden objects and after restoring such objects, turns them into ‘Functional Art’, ensuring each piece invokes an emotion, and a memory link of the home it’s going to.

The basic wood working and planning for the design and the patterns to be painted are all done by Molly herself and of course, the painting as well.  But before any of this can be done, the wood piece in question has to be prepared (and restored) and Molly does this using a range of power tools.

Have a look at what you can bring home from Molly’s Design5 Studio currently:


If you like what you see, then go ahead and give a shout out to Molly. We are thrilled to have Design5 Studio as part of our Festive 2020.

Nupur & Shilpa

Pictures: Courtesy Design5 Studio

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