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You are here because you would like to know a little bit more about us. So, here goes:

Notjustashopper, brainchild of two sisters, Nupur & Shilpa, began life in the autumn of 2014. It’s a place created to document the crafts and culture of India simply via conversations – Conversations with those who create the crafts, and breathe the ‘culture (in their daily lives)’and with others who support it in various ways.

Why do we choose to write about crafts and culture, you ask. This is because it makes us who we are. Whether it is the crafts that are part of our everyday life or the crafts that are on the verge of extinction. We hope to spread the joy of crafts through our writing – building awareness and spreading the word. A lot of what we are today, is because of what was shown to us time and again, under the umbrella of ‘culture’ whilst growing up. Today, we celebrate our culture and rich history of crafts by writing, hosting events and by selling goodies that reflect our principles and beliefs.

Nupur finds her joy in researching and writing about traditional crafts, the people, their stories and their communities while Shilpa is at peace organising craft-centric and wellness events and both share a love of chai and coffee. In their past lives both lived and breathed joy into the corporate world.