[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h2″ transform=”text-uppercase” use_custom_fonts_title=”true” enable_fit=”true” compressor=”0.5″ margin=”bottom_small:0px”]TheWeaversCo[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”15px”][ld_fancy_heading tag=”h6″ transform=”text-uppercase” use_custom_fonts_title=”true” fs=”12px” ls=”0.2em” color=”rgb(63, 65, 71)”]Our Story[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”28px”][ld_fancy_heading tag=”p” use_custom_fonts_title=”true” title=”Each boutique hotel in the Ave Hotel collection tells a unique story, inviting guests to immerse themselves in tales of adventure, romance, history, culture, nature and more for the length of a memorable stay. Discover the high points of our story here.” init_values=”translateY:80,opacity:0″]With an aim to provide better connections and opportunities for the handloom weavers, spinners, dyers, printers and other associated artisans, we envisioned a platform for them to network professionally and to connect and collaborate directly with designers, boutiques, retailers and other buyers.

Egged on by the weaver and artisan community we work with, we started working towards our vision of supporting the weaver community – to make their voices heard, to increase their market awareness, to connect them with new markets so that they would stop being hidden ‘makers’ for others. The year 2019 saw the idea of the initiative we call TheWeaversCo being born.

Through this initiative, we hope there would be new connections and collaborations, as well as strengthening of the old.[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”20px”]

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[ld_spacer height=”64px”][ld_fancy_heading tag=”h3″]THE IMPACT[/ld_fancy_heading]
[ld_counter style=”bordered” size=”md” bottom_margin=”0″ enable_gradient=”yes” enable_hover_gradient=”” bottom_label=”WEAVER-BUYER CONNECTIONS” count=”85+” start_color=”rgb(255, 145, 145)” end_color=”rgb(237, 60, 60)”]
[ld_counter style=”bordered” size=”sm” bottom_margin=”0″ enable_gradient=”yes” enable_hover_gradient=”” bottom_label=”REVENUE GENERATED” count=”INR 20 L” start_color=”rgb(255, 145, 145)” end_color=”rgb(237, 60, 60)”]
[ld_counter style=”bordered” size=”sm” bottom_margin=”0″ enable_gradient=”yes” enable_hover_gradient=”” bottom_label=”COUNTRIES” count=”3″ start_color=”rgb(255, 145, 145)” end_color=”rgb(237, 60, 60)”]
[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h2″ ca_init_scale_x=”1″ ca_init_scale_y=”1″ ca_init_scale_z=”1″ ca_init_opacity=”1″ ca_an_scale_x=”1″ ca_an_scale_y=”1″ ca_an_scale_z=”1″ ca_an_opacity=”1″ use_custom_fonts_title=”true” enable_split=”true” use_mask=”true” color=”rgb(0, 0, 0)” fs=”36px” lh=”1.222em” duration=”1200″ delay=”150″ ca_init_translate_y=”61″]Our Milestone[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”60px”]
[ld_milestone title=”Started the Podcast, Vaarta” date=”Oct 2019″ primary_color=”rgb(255, 176, 159)”]October 2019, marked the launch of our podcast, Vaarta, for the handloom weavers and textile artisans, sharing market knowledge with them[/ld_milestone]
[ld_milestone title=”Digital literacy focus” date=”Jan 2020″ primary_color=”rgb(255, 176, 159)”]Since January 2020, we have been actively involved in increasing digital literacy amongst the Vaarta community of handloom weavers and textile artists.[/ld_milestone]
[ld_milestone title=”Connect and Collaborate” date=”Apr 2020″ primary_color=”rgb(255, 176, 159)”]We have been encouraging and facilitating collaborations between the Vaarta community of handloom weavers and textile artisans and with buyers (retailers, designers, fashion college). So, far we have facilitated 85+ such collaborations, amounting to over ₹20 lacs of revenue for the Vaarta community.[/ld_milestone]
[ld_milestone title=”Events and Workshops” date=”Jun 2020″ primary_color=”rgb(255, 176, 159)”]Facilitating our Friday Chaiday events, wherein we bring experts to talk to our Vaarta community on a diverse fields such as design, law, accounting, sourcing and buyers.

Organising workshops by specialists such as photographers to better the much needed skills for online presence[/ld_milestone]

[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h4″ alignment=”text-center”]ANNOUNCEMENTS[/ld_fancy_heading]
[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h4″ alignment=”text-center”]UPCOMING EVENTS[/ld_fancy_heading]
[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h4″ alignment=”text-center”]TEXTILE JOURNEYS – FEATURED WEAVES[/ld_fancy_heading]

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