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Last week, I visited the grand IHGF, which was tucked away, far away in Greater Noida, but every worth of that long journey was so worth it. I was spellbound by the magnificent products, that displayed excellent craftsmanship combined with unique designs. Gosh! how much talent is there in our country? A lot, is the answer! While this was a trade show, and an invite was required for an entry, (which I had forgotten to organise!), I was rescued by the lovely Rupali Gupta of Tarusa Once in, I meandered through the expansive halls and ever-so-confusing aisles (to be fair, they were marked very clearly!) and navigating my way through two floors, I reached this beautifully decorated space, Tarusa’s space and this post is of course, all about ‘gorgeousness’ at Tarusa’s stall.

Tarusa means the ‘conqueror’, and for Rupali it symbolizes conquest of fears and of all elements that bring meaning to life. We’re celebrating Mahanavmi tomorrow, and Dusshera day after – both symbolizing conquest, so no better time to tell you about this beautiful brand. One look at the collection, and my first thoughts: “Glitzy, ritzy elegance”. I am not one for heavily embroidered cushions or clutches with ‘gota-kaam’ or embellishments, but the riveting, colourful collection at Tarusa transfixed my gaze, and compelled me to change my opinion. Over a much needed coffee, Rupali told me about her inspirations, and how each collection depicts a story. Her latest collection inspired by ‘Panchatantra’ tales has beautifully ornate flora and fauna in bright colours over a subtle, natural silk background. Totally classy, beautifully unique, that would add style to any home.

Cushion covers in varied hues, each telling its own story; beautifully crafted ethnic ‘potli’ bags and a stunning collection of clutches; oh! the choices.  It was as if I had found things I was looking for all along for doing up my home before Diwali as well as accessorising perfectly for those formal, dressy yet classy pre-diwali family dos. While I was busy absorbing the wonderful plethora of brightly coloured products, Rupali mentioned a piece of advice that she often gives to her customers. “Pick just a couple of these bright cushions and pair them with plain ones to get that festive yet elegant look.” Similarly, pair a heavily embellished clutch with a fairly plain ensemble and you’ll be smiling.

Rupali tells me that running a design-based business can be fairly complex, and it often comes with its challenges. I could sense a strong commitment towards product development, which I can only presume, is fuelled by her continuous buzz of ideas.  Her love for ‘Potli bags’ runs deep and she casually mentioned that she would love to be known as the ‘Potli queen‘ of India! Good luck, to you I say! I loved your ‘potli’ bags and I hope our readers do too.

You can find Tarusa products at a few retail stores, but predominantly on Indianroots, Limeroad and Jabong. Of course, you can shop online at the Tarusa store. Connect with them on facebook or follow them on Instagram and stay tuned. With plans to spread their network of retail stores, Tarusa aims to continue working with artisans and create ‘beautiful products’.

Without further ado, presenting the beautiful collection to romanticise your home decor and add a dash of ‘glitzy, ritzy’ elegance to you too, with beautiful clutches and traditional, very pretty ‘potli bags’:

A collection inspired by the ‘Panchatantra’ tales…ornate flora & fauna will steal your hearts
Baautifully embellished
Beautifully embellished with gota-kaam and embroidery
The Paisleys from the Taj Mahal inlay pattern and other Mughal motifs give this collection a regal touch
The paisleys from the Taj Mahal inlay pattern and other Mughal motifs give this collection a regal touch
Whites and colours with a swish of mirrors
Whites and colours with a swish of mirrors…pretty, aren’t they?
Shades of yellow and the stunning white clutch
Shades of yellow and the stunning white-gold clutch
Ready for the party, are you?
Ready for the party, are you?
Clutches and more...there is one just right for you...
Clutches and more…there is one just right for you…
Vibrant, colourful and ornate...the evergreen potli bags
Vibrant, colourful and ornate…the evergreen potli bags
Some more potli bags
Some more potli bags; oh! how I love these…straight from the would-be ‘Potli Queen’ of India

What a stunning collection, indeed! So, are you ready to shop? Go, treat yourself and your home.

Here’s something beautiful that I read from their blog: “If we can appreciate the simple things that make life meaningful, if we can just stop short of the point where our own inventions become our masters, if we can make an attempt to bridge the gaps that exist between our ‘heritage’ and ‘lifestyle‘, then we can co-exist in a symbiosis of energies”. Tarusa certainly intends to do so. Here’s wishing them the very best!

XO, Nupur

All images: Tarusa

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  • I love these handrafted luxury products, Nupur! Also, this sounds like the perfect way to stock up handcrafted products.

    I adore that potli bags!

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