Pick your own veggies: Hand-grown Food by The Prodigal Cook Farm

Wearing handmade and having handmade goodies for ourselves is only one half of the ‘goodness’ story.   Sometimes the intention to ‘eat well’ does exist but then, our busy lives get in the way.  There is focus on everything ‘handmade’ these days and there is a good reason for that – it is kinder to the planet, we know the origin of the products and it gives the ‘makers’, aka the artisans a better life. The Prodigal Cook Farm does so with the farmers (the food artisans) providing support, especially to the women farmers as well as towards the education of their children.  This post is focussing on hand-grown food, knowing the farm to fork life-cycle and the goodness of it all.

How should we eat?

With our hands, of course 🙂 Jokes apart, fresh ‘hand-grown’ goodness is the answer. Certainly, not out of a packet! I would prefer fresh produce from a farm that I am familiar with, and ideally something that I was involved with, whilst it was growing. Whichever path you choose, try to know the whereabouts of your food, its origin, the journey it took to get to you, in other words, its ‘farm to fork life-cycle.’

Want ‘freshly plucked’ veggies delivered everyday? Meet The Prodigal Cook Farm

Neha and Puneet have always loved cooking, feeding and hosting dinners, while always being aware of the source of produce. This passion for having fresh, good quality, chemical-free, non-toxic food on the table led to the ‘The Prodigal Cook Farm’ being born. A farm in Noida, a suburb of Delhi is where all the activity happens.

Eating freshly plucked (as it is in this state that the food is packed with all the goodness) and naturally grown produce are the fundamental elements of these urban farmers.  Join Neha’s WhatsApp group and you will then get pinged every morning with details of all the veggies being harvested on the day. Then, you could order your ‘freshly plucked, naturally grown’ veggies. Of course, living in Noida would help 🙂

What else does The Prodigal Cook Farm offer?
  • Gives you the opportunity to pluck  and pick your own veggies any day
  • Allows you to spend time with nature and the farmers whilst helping to up your fitness levels
  • Provides you with an opportunity to occasionally have a meal in the farm, using the farm produce, cooked by Neha and Puneet
  • Organises hands-on educational activities for children on Sundays, with a focus on farming and teaching them the importance of the ‘farm to fork’ life-cycle
  • These urban farmers even let you bring your own breakfast to the farm and even your pets,  allowing the family to dine with nature
  • Allows you to get your hands dirty and lets you experience the joys of farming.  They are always happy to have volunteers share their love for farming – speak to Neha and Puneet to organise your day out in the farm
  • And lastly, if you are lost for recipe ideas for the harvested traditional vegetables,  then Neha and Puneet will help you with cooking suggestions and recipes
How do you contact The Prodigal Cook Farm?

Whatsapp:  +91 9971812172
Instagram: @theprodigalcookfarms or #theprodigalcook, #theprodigalcookfarms

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Kishan, teaching farming to the young ones, one plant at a time…
hand-grown veg, fresh, organic, daily delivery, farming, india, noida, delhi
Organic, naturally grown and freshly picked tomatoes…on your table, on the very day they are harvested
hand-grown veg, fresh, organic, daily delivery, farming, india, noida, delhi
Giving Phool Singh, the farmer aka ‘the food artisan’ a better life…Co-working with differently-abled farmers and making a difference
hand-grown veg, fresh, organic, farm days, daily delivery, farming, india, noida, delhi
Customers with Neha and Puneet on an Open Farm Day

Do keep an eye out on this urban farmers team. Plans for the future include workshops on the basics of eating well. Also,  they are looking at providing spices and herbs from produce grown in the farm, especially to help the farmers increase their revenues.

Neha’s advice to the ‘wannabe farmer’ would be to start small, grow your veg even in your ‘not-so-big’ balcony and just take it from there, simply, one plant at a time

Most importantly, eat freshly picked veg; know where your food comes from…Be Notjustashopper!


All Pictures: Courtesy – The Prodigal Cook Farm

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